1. Lemonrice

    Painting with Lemon

    ...get it? Like... when you made invisible ink from lemons as a child? Okay nevermind... well, I started painting again and I thought it would be nice to share some stuff.
  2. Hyreal

    Character Art

    Sorry if I am not allowed to ask this here but it is related to my RPG maker MV game. Just wondering if anyone knows someone who would be able to do some paid commission work to draw me 8 characters for my game to use as bust pictures in conversations and face portraits for the menu/battle...
  3. BlackRoseMii

    Blacky's Art Collection

    Since I'm not getting enough feedback on Deviantart, I'll post a few pictures here. Right now, I'm in a phase were I'm about to make visible progress on my style, but because of the lack of inspiration and feedback I'm not satisfied. That's why I hope posting in this forum will get me a bit...
  4. Pocketmole

    Pocketmole's pile of visual debris.

    I've been skulking around this community for a couple of weeks now and I thought it was time for me to introduce myself with a small art post. One of these days I hope to paint a custom tileset,  but I've yet to find a good guide on how to go about it. For now I'm just going to dump a bunch of...
  5. Vexed

    Vexed's Things and Doings

    I've had a couple of people asking about my art and if I have a gallery or anything anywhere... and I don't really. At least not a proper one. Because I'm lazy and don't like to update things very often. But I figured I could post some artworks here as and when I think about adding them. It's a...
  6. Yuki Harada

    Need a Sprite...

    Hi I need a sprite in a fishing position, male please. I need it for my game as an NPC because I don't bind well in the art realm. Sooooooo yeah... Thanks!! Yuki
  7. HaruAkira

    [UPDATED] HaruAkira's sketchbook!

    **Update** I've started my own youtube channel dedicated to art tutorials! This is my very first time lapse painting of Amon from Tokyo Ghoul! Please take a look. Really appreciate it if you could leave a like and subscribe :) Thanks! Just trying out my very first post and...
  8. Levi

    Levi's Art Progress Tracker

    Hey folks! This thread is for me to post my work [Drawings, Painting, Music] and to [hopefully] receive feedback! Soldier Music Soldier #2 Doodle Page BudCrab Love birds Fair Warning Arabian Graveyard PortraitDance [for Daily Sketch thread] Fighterpillars Sad/introspective pirate. "Garrg...

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