1. Rink27

    How to check a variable's digit?

    ◆Control Variables:#0237 Delivery Time = 56789 ◆Script:var x = $gameVariables.value(237); : :var y = 3; : : : :if (y = 4) { : :var z = String(x).charAt(2); : :} else if (y = 3) { : :var z = String(x).charAt(1); : :} else { : :var z = String(x).charAt(0); :...
  2. HexMozart88

    Split Numbers Into Digits

    I am fairly certain this is possible, but how would I go about splitting a number (example HP) into individual digits and loading them into a variable? 
  3. Golden Unicorn Gaming

    HP Display on Menu

    Community, I use VX Ace and have Yanfly Ace and Yanfly Core Engine... This is probably easily solved.  My main character just recently hit 1000HP+.  When I access the menu, it no longer shows the HP as... 1008/1008. Instead it shows... 1008.  See here... When he is below...
  4. LynX

    Changing the Variable Digits

    Is there a way to change the maximum variable digits ? Now is 8 But I need at last 10 so I will use numbers like "1234567890" is there a way ? To change

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