direction fix

  1. Akbar_Essa

    Is there any way to disable the turn toward player feature when interacting with an NPC?

    In my game, before you can talk to characters. I'm implementing choices that can make you do a variety of things to the NPC. Such as being able to battle, talk, steal, inspect what they are doing, etc... It's not a big problem but whenever you interact with the NPC they always turn towards the...
  2. RPGVeir

    How do I stop event from turning

    I made event npc with two animations using directions. First animation is a loop which has to play as long as player wont talk to event while facing up. It was made with directions left/right. Second animation is supposed to play when player talks to event while facing up. It was made with...
  3. pEcOsGhOsT

    2D Fixed Direction (Horizontal & Vertical)

    Introduction: This plugin forces the player to only face left/right (or up/down depending on your preference) while still allowing full directional movement. Similar to player movement featured in Platformers, Brawler/Beat'em Ups, Adventure games and even retro racing games...
  4. FeaR616

    [ACE] Error with direction fix events!

    okay, I am facing a strange behaviour of objects with fix direction... like doors, chests, stones and so on. even if I set them to fix direction in the event window, some events still change their direction for 2 or 3 frames which really bugs me! why is that so?  a friend of mine said "oh...
  5. Tsukihime

    Direction Fix Button

    This script allows you to assign a button that will fix the player's direction when the button is pressed. This is useful if you wish to allow players to lock their direction while moving, for example if you want to provide "strafe movement" by moving side to side. A switch is provided to...

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