1. RMXP Deactivate viewing direction

    Hi folks, I have a question about the RMXP. I want to do some kind of side scrolling fighting game. Similar to the snes Turtle games or Street of Rage you already know. It becomes very simple and consists only of punch and kick. But my problem now is the following: The character should only be...
  2. ExeSandbox

    Changing event bounding box based on direction it's facing

    Hello there! I don't know if this can be done or not, but is it possible to change an event's trigger/bounding box/collision based on the direction it's facing? i.e. for something long and rectangular like a car that takes up a 48x96 space (2 tiles), if it was facing up/down the bounding box...
  3. Black Pagan

    RMMV Guiding the Player along an Intended Direction

    Hi, In my survival focused game, I am planning to guide the Player along certain routes and towards certain objects, While avoiding certain routes and certain objects. Now my issue is this - Although the Plot of the Game is quite Linear, I don't want to make it appear Linear, I want to make it...
  4. Player face direction of mouse cursor

    Does anyone know of any plugins or script that will automatically face my player as I move the mouse in that direction? Thanks in advance.
  5. Pokemon facing direction

    In Pokemon, when you press Up the player turns to face up without moving up. When you press UP again, the player moves up. Is there a way to do this in RMMV?
  6. ovate

    PlayerShiftTurn (Turnaround)

    PlayerShiftTurn - Version 1.0.1 (2016/07/09) Creator name: Triacontane Overview Player can turnaround Features - While holding a certain key [shift by default], change direction of player's facing from arrow key. - Parameter for KeyName control (shift or control or tab) - Player does not have...
  7. FanssNett

    8 Directional (Diagonal) Movement

    Introduction This plugin allows your player to walk diagonally. Features - Diagonal movement. Screenshots Download: FAQ Q: The script doesn't work. What is the problem? A: It's just two lines of code. Maybe you use a ripped...
  8. Isabella Ava

    Character Direction checking? (script)

    Hello, i tried many different expressions but i can't find anyway to get character direction (player/event) I know this can be done via Condition Branch but i want to do it via Script because i have bunch of another scripts there All of these didn't work, please HELP T.T i am out of ideas...
  9. "If Player is Facing Left" switch

    Hi. I'm pretty new to RPG Maker. It's a simple request but how do we do make the following switch: -If Player is facing left, transfer Player to Position A when he presses the Action Button -If Player is facing right, transfer Player to Position B when he presses the Action Button...
  10. SEK


    SEK_TransferLines - v 1.0 By SEK Introduction Create a TransferLine to teleport your actor to a relative location on another map or in the same map! Features -Create vertical or horizontal transfer lines to move between places  just by creating a simple event (works with regions) -the...
  11. Help with event rotation

    Hi! I need some help. I've added the mouse plugin, and it seems that I can click on some event and I can make it print the message in the javascript console. So I know that clicking on the event works every time. The event is using an actor image, and I set it up as a starting point...
  12. EliteFerrex

    Directional Facing Enemy Challenge (SOLVED)

    I have a question about trying to make a little challenge for a room in a dungeon. I have an orc who sits in the middle of the room, looking up and down, trying to spot the player as he/she hops by. (See image below) If the player is standing on the spaces above or below the Orc when he...
  13. Golden Unicorn Gaming

    Direction Based Line of Sight Crash

    Hello All, In my dungeons, I use visible enemies which chase the player as per Infamous Bon Bon's Direction Based Line of Sight Tutorials.  This is VX ACE... The only problem that I run into is if I "pull" two enemies into battle at the same time.  When that happens, it goes to battle...
  14. ZeroGamer24

    Changing Enemy Direction Sprite During Battle

    I'm trying to get an enemy (still images only) to attack your characters from behind and actually make it look like its facing left when doing so.  Can this be done?
  15. Wolf Rawrrr

    Turning in Place Before Moving

    Hello *woof* I would like to have my character turn in place before moving when a directional key is pressed that does not correspond to the direction the character is currently facing, like the way movement works in the Pokémon games. So if the character is facing down and the player presses...
  16. Josephkhland

    A question about direction in variables

    So you can store game data - player's direction in a variable. In the description it says corresponds to the numbers on the keypad.  At first I thought that when the character faced up the variable stored 8 , when faced right the variable stored 6, when faced down the variable stored 2 and when...
  17. Tsukihime

    Direction Fix Button

    This script allows you to assign a button that will fix the player's direction when the button is pressed. This is useful if you wish to allow players to lock their direction while moving, for example if you want to provide "strafe movement" by moving side to side. A switch is provided to...
  18. Conditional branch check for 'direction fix'

    How would I set up a check using the 'direction fix' tick box of an event as a conditional? The check would be performed when you press the action button to interact with the event, so ideally it would be a 'this event' type of self check. And, on the same topic, can things like the speed and...
  19. Kes

    Detecting direction player is facing?

    If the player speaks to the NPC from above, I want to be able to detect this, and have dialogue telling the player to move elsewhere.  In the Conditional event commands the only thing near it that I can see is which button is being pressed.  However, the player will be stationary in order to...
  20. AsunisaKitty

    Enemy sprite walking help?

    Hello  I have recently started using vxace, and I haven't worked with something like it in at least 5 years so I'm sure that I'm just being a ditz, but I have created an enemy event that is triggered by touch on map. This part works ok, I just cannot get the enemy to face the correct direction...

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