1. Geoff Moore

    Direction issue with a simple projectile firing event

    Here's the event: The idea is that the witchfire event (currently in the witch's location) faces in her direction, then moves forward 10 spaces in that direction before jumping to somewhere out of the way so the process can be repeated as I require. The problem is that the projectile always...
  2. dahilig007

    [RMVXAce] Door, entering without using action button

    I'm new to RPG Maker VX Ace and im really wanna know how to do this stuff. My problem is I want to enter a door without using the action button. But with just the use of direction button. Here's a screenshot of the event and map And here's the catch I tried "Conditional Branch.." and used...
  3. TheDrifter

    [SOLVED] Need help with Confusion Walk script

    Greetings people, I'm looking for a script that makes you walk in random directions when the party leader is under the Confusion state. I've attached a script that does just that in RPG Maker VX if it can help (but I need something similar to work with ACE). (also found here...

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