1. Kanissey

    Help with Movement and Battle

    Hello everyone :), i have a little problem. I want my character to stop somewhere when he sees an enemy, he speaks something and then battles with them. My problem is that i want the enemies to disappear after the fight, but the enemy is on an other eventtile than the character and his event. I...
  2. ShinyRedUmbreon

    Text Disappear Without Pressing Button Help?

    So I'm making a RPG(obviously). In the story, there will be text that you can read that disappears after a few seconds(like in Earthbound). You can't press Z to make it disappear early. How do you do that?
  3. AA's Backup Plan

    Guide: How to make something disappear easily.

    In a lot of what I do, I like to make events disappear and reappear at will. Here are effective ways to do that. Using a switch / variable: NOTE: Variables aren't recommended. If you attach a 'Control Switches' command onto an event, you can control what switches go on or off in a single frame...
  4. Poupouille

    How to make a character disappear who're walking?

    Hello. I have a character, he must walk, and disappear little by little (with opacity) in the same time. It's something that looks simple, yet, I can't do that. :( I tried many possibilities (for exemple, parallel event), and absolutely nothing works...
  5. mikey1393drago

    how to make a path appear and disappear?

    Hey. This new change to the forum website is so confusing, but I finally found out how to post a new problem I have online. Below is the problem. I have a new dungeon in progress, just because I made a melody for it. The maps have gone well so far, until I encounter something I cannot figure...
  6. how do I make a Npc move without disappearing?

    Hi, Whenever I set the move route, the next command is to make her disappear (with a switch) but when the Npc moves a block, it just disappears straight away. Thanks! - Flynn
  7. How would I make a Npc disappear? (Rpg maker 2003)

    Hi, How would I make a Npc disappear when he/she leaves a room? And would it work the same for a item? Thanks - Flynn
  8. How would I make a NPC disappear? (Rpg maker 2003)

    Hi, I'm stuck on making a npc move, then when He/she gets to the door, They disappear? I'm new to this (Sorry) Thanks - Flynn  :D
  9. Vanderhorst

    How to make an enemy sprite disappear?

    I have a scene where an NPC attacks an enemy sprite, and then the enemy sprite needs to disappear forever, but since the enemy is a seperate event, I'm not sure how to make it happen.
  10. Making an Event disappear after completion

    Hello guys, First off, this is my first post on these forums, and any forum in general. So if i've already broken a rule, excuse my ignorance. Apologies to anyone if i've annoyed them! I'd like to compliment everyone on their resourcefulness, to a NEWB like me, it's awesome! :) SO, I'm...
  11. tsu

    Door vanishes after cutscene

    okay so I made a cutscene where the character runs out of the door, but as soon as she goes through it, the door disappeared? it worked under normal going in and out circumstances, but just this one time it vanished and I cant work it out I used the auto-door thing too screenshots: Edit...
  12. Zalerinian

    [SOLVED][VXACE]Changing a map sprite's bitmap makes it disappear?

    When trying to set an event's sprite through a custom script call, I have a bitmap loaded and prepared based on what the arguments for the method are. However, even though I know the bitmap is good, setting it as a pre-existing Sprite's bitmap causes it to disappear. The bitmap works perfectly...
  13. MaryGaryQUIETcontrary

    How do you make an NPC disappear after a certain event?

    I know that there are already threads about this, but none of them helped. They just confused me further. I wanted to know (as the title emplies) how to make an NPC disappear. If any of you are familiar with the game "Ib", you probably know what I'm talking about. That moment after Ib's...
  14. AkumaRyoshi

    How to make a choice option disappear/change once used?

    Hey there! I am an RPG Maker noob, and could really do with some help.  I have in my game a character which asks you something, and if you pick the first answer the character gives you an item. I would like to know how to make the answer where you receive an item disappear once it has been...
  15. Fading ghosts

    Hey guys, so me and my friends just ran into a problem... we wanted to make a ghost npc to be present in a map, then you step on the event tile, the ghost talks for a while then walks a bit and FADES away (many people just answer at disappearing imediatly, not what we are looking for). The...
  16. Three Questions..

    Ok so i have three questions...1=Highest priority 1.I have 10 classes and start of as a ghost with nothing so i can pick a class and get the items BUT i cant change the sprite...This is what i have so far. @>Text   A monk well at buffing and debuffing!   He only intends good deeds.Main...

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