1. Black Pagan

    RMMV Discussing the Anime Hero Advantage Concept

    Well, to start off I would assume some people here watch Anime. I would say most Anime and Movies have this pattern - Where the Hero starts off as someone who is insignificant and then discovers something special or acquires something or become insanely Powerful or Unique compared to most of his...
  2. sloths are ok

    Kill Your Darlings

    Hey folks, I've been elbow-deep in some RPG making for a present for my friends, and as I'm getting closer to the planned release date I'm finding the need to scrap more and more ideas that I was once so in love with. Most recently, I had a whole murder mystery side quest planned with...
  3. invexus

    I Am Returning From The Stone Age

    Hello everyone, So I've been in this group for years now, and I've never properly introduced myself or had any conversations with someone outside of a few questions in specific threads. I have always been very fond of creating my own artwork, music, and other resources and doing as much as I...
  4. Faye Valentine

    Maps: Simple VS. Complex

    "The necessity for complexity in maps has born from the lack of resources that RTP gives, failing to fulfill aesthetic expectatives of said maps." Okay. After something happened to me, which left me questioning myself in a lot of aspects, I decided to bring up this discussion here. And so, I'll...
  5. TriceratopsX

    Discussing Dialogue

    So I'm in a bit of a creative funk right now (it's currently going on day 3, >_>:rock-right: woo.) so I figured some online discussion on some aspect of game creation might help, and why not discuss one aspect I find difficult, writing character dialogue? Something I find myself falling into a...
  6. Diarist

    What's everyone's work process like?

    I had this thought buzzing around in my head the other day and only just now got around to making a thread about it. Basically, if the title was worded awkwardly; what's your general order of operations? Do you start by making a world map? Do you make maps as the story progresses or do you plan...
  7. KazukiT

    What got you into RPG Making

    I started fiddling with RPG maker back in 2013 but, I wasn’t serious about it. However, I had fun using it. I primarily made comics. I stopped using it back in 2015 but, it was always at the back of myimd. I didn’t enjoy making comics anymore, I did any side project to get away from it. Then I...
  8. What are some underappreciated scripts you like?

    There are plenty of scripts that do useful or interesting things. Plugins seem to be way more popular when adding functions. What are some scripts that you use and think should get more attention? Links to them would also be nice.
  9. Irineu

    Antagonists and the God Complex

    Hello everyone! Introduction Remember that topic I wrote about Earthbound and ASD? I saw that you liked the way the topic was structured, so this one will look alike, but it will address another type of psychological in video game characters. What is the God Complex? If you search Wikipedia, it...
  10. Irineu

    Are Scripts/Plugins sign of quality?

    Greetings! Before starting this topic I will give some addendums: Three years ago, the time that I started to get interested in the RPG Maker engine, I started working on a project (quite amateur by the way). As I was a beginner, I had several doubts in the middle of the project ... That's when...
  11. esterk

    Thoughts on minimaps in RPGs?

    Hey everyone, I am currently working out some of the aspects of my game, and recently came to the decision of whether or not to implement a minimap system in it. I've been going back and forth on this from a gameplay perspective (I already have a working plugin, so the technical side isn't an...
  12. Catog

    How would you update Final Fantasy VIII's Junction System?

    Hi all, an interesting point a mate and I were discussing. So Final Fantasy 8 is not getting re-released on the Nintendo Switch alongside 7, 9, 10, 12, and so on. So far, one of the only current ways you can (legally) get your hands on it is through Steam or PS Classics for the PlayStation 3...
  13. marbeltoast

    Are good ideas important?

    I believe that, as content creators, we must all at some point come to terms with the idea that ideas are cheap, plentiful, and, to a greater or lesser extent, worthless. Rather, it is the execution of these ideas which makes them good or bad. To provide an example, the fundamental idea behind...
  14. Tuomo L

    Mature discussion warning; Should animal who attacks person be put down?

    Let's keep this discussion mature due to the nature of the article which involved actual person dying. I am sure we have all read a story or two where a case where an animal has mauled human and have been put down as a result, whatever a dog, tiger or bear. However, something happened just a...
  15. SailorRose

    Your opinion on differing/clashing art styles within a game?

    This started out as a quick question on a status update, but it'll be better suited for a thread. Here's the question: Does it bother you when there's multiple art styles within a single game? (RPG's, visual novels, or just games in general) For me, personally, it depends. As long as...
  16. Kuro DCupu

    What is it mean to be an Adventurer?

    In certain version, we learn from fantasy series / manga / anime (mostly from isekai genre) about what is called an Adventurer Guild. That's what I wanna talk about first. Adventurer Guild, a place where an absolute nobody could become somebody by risking their own life. Being an Adventurer...
  17. JtheDuelist

    Would a golfing RPG make any sense to do with RPG Maker?

    I remember when one of the first nonclassical RPG I ever played was the Mario Golf series. Would it make any technological sense to make a golf RPG on RPG Maker? I would be highly curious if people wanted to work on it or think it was even possible. I have had the want to make my own golf RPG...
  18. PGerman

    Most important aspect of RPGs?

    I wondered, "What could I do to improve my game? What makes an RPG good?" and I thought about it for a while. Before we continue, I want you to ask yourself this question "What makes an RPG good?" I bet most of you would think about graphic, story and gameplay. and those are all perfectly fine...
  19. MrZalgo

    A weapon that turns into other weapon types

    Hello, as I continue my work on this rather large project. I'd like some opinions regarding a weapon that has the ability to transform into various different weapon types. Think like a mechanical sword made up of segments that interlock and manipulate itself to turn into something like a scythe...
  20. chungsie

    Developing an Ebook Reader with ACE

    So I recently made a lot of progress on an Ebook Reader in ace. it still needs finagling to get things as I envision for it. My question is, what kind of features would people that would use the app for their publishing purposes? At the moment you cannot execute any code with a book, but can...

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