1. artimiss1238

    Question about Fair Use

    I'm making a game for my grandfather's birthday that I would probably like to post later(free/nonprofit) to show off and he's a huge Donald Duck fan. So, my idea was to play as Donald and save Daisy from a tower like in a fairy tale. Then I realized that Disney is cutthroat about their...
  2. Astel

    A few toughts about the new pixar movie "Coco"

    Even if the movie will show on theaters on Nov 22, you might not know that it was already shown in Mexico in time for "El dia de muertos" and it has been a huge success here. It's a great movie, one of the best i have seen from Pixar, yet i have to wonder if it will be a complete disaster and...
  3. slimmmeiske2

    Slim's Sprites

    Hello everyone! :D I thought I'd share the sprites I've made. They are mostly edits, recolours or frankensprites though. Credit is given to the original spriter :) If no one is mentioned, it means credit goes to Enterbrain/Kadokawa ;) Feel free to use in your games, just give credit...

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since all my maps are hand drawn... I admit, I super envy those who can make the tileset's work. I'm garbage at mapping, but slightly less bad at just drawing my own areas. plus it's easier to draw my own sprites than edit others to look like my characters.
Guys, I made a trailer! And, I also launched the Steam page! If you would like to support the game, please Wishlist it :ahappy: ->
working on some tilesets _ノ乙(、ン、)_


aww man, color hex code #C4C4C4 doesn't work for the tint value in this scene I need something darker, which stinks just because I liked that one it was my favorite plastic explosive three times...#696969 (nice) should work better (WHY IS MY BRAIN LIKE THIS)
Tell it to me straight, doc. If I've been trying to piece together a "shorter" game to learn stuff outside of game jams... am I just running away from my WIP? :v

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