1. Event drawing/processing distance

    Hi guys! Sorry to bother with this noob question, but I've searched through the forum to find an answer to my doubt and wasn't able to find any. Is there a way to change the distance in which events are drawn/processed? My problem is with a rather large sprite. It's 5x5 tiles and when the user...
  2. Trying to find a distance between Player and Event

    Hey everyone, I'm trying to find a simple way to get distance between a player and an event. I am using a proximity event plugin, but it doesn't allow anything for if that the player leaves that proximity. I know how to load play and event map/screen locations in variables, but I can't figure...
  3. Alyon93

    [Solved] Events move route "range"?

    Hi makers, I searched throughtout the forums but I couldn't find informations about this. I'm having troubles with some events and I think the problem reside in a sort of "range", a distance between you and the events, that, if is exceeded, deactivates the events or something, I believe to...
  4. Lord Vectra

    Proximity/Distance Check

    I am Vectra. I've gotten a request from a friend to do this. I did this for someone else a long time ago so i figured I'll make a tutorial for all who wants to know how. Here's what you need: 4 Variables 4 Conditional Branches What are the 4 variables?: X-Coord1 Y-Coord1 X-Coord2 Y-Coord2...
  5. bladedvoid

    Sound Emitting Events

    Hello. I am developing a cutscene for my game in RMMV, and I think that having this simple script could not only make the cutscene 10x better, but it would also be useful in other areas of the game. I found what I was looking for... in a 4 year old topic, for VX Ace, here. Essentially, it...
  6. Feli

    Distance between heroes in battle

    Hello everyone .. I'm using the yanfly battle plugins and I've been looking for there, but I did not find a way to change the distance between the heroes .. what I say distance would be the vertical distance .. It will sort of increase it, because when they are side by side this ends up...
  7. Enemy incoming, XY distance

    Hello. At first, sorry for my poor English. I'm trying to make a game in the atmosphere of Silent Hill. If you played "Silent Hill", you probably remember the radio that was warning you when the enemy was close. The noise from the radio was getting louder when enemies were nearby. I wanted to...
  8. MeowFace

    Enemy Distance Scanner (Radar)

    Made for a request here. This script acts like a radar/scanner to check the distance of the player from the enemy events on the map. Features: [1] Able to check the nearest enemy and return the event's id. [2] Able to list down a list of enemy event's ids and their distance from the player...
  9. neoscully

    SE volume change over distance

    Introduction This little script calculate the distance between an event and the player and the volume for a sound that can be played by that event. Features - Friendly little helper   How to Use Simple put a call script command in your event. In my example I use a cat as an event that randomly...

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