1. CrisR82

    Missing store DLC?

    Not sure if I somehow missed something, but did anyone else notice that some DLCs that were previously available (and are still available on Steam) are no longer showing on RPG Maker Web's DLC section? A good example is if you put a filter for User Interface Material - 5 and 6 are no longer...
  2. Guardinthena

    Ruins of Empires DLC Pack?

    Just putting out feelers to see what the community thinks of the idea if I spent time to create a dlc pack that featured megalithic ruins-such as Stonehenge, and statues from ancient civilizations to flavor your games? I had ideas for Stonehenge, the Colossus of Rhodes, random hands, feet...
  3. Nightblade50

    How to publish my own DLC for RPG Maker?

    Yeah, I have NO IDEA where to publish this thread, so I'll stick it here. Anyways, I made some icons with pixel art (specifically, 100). I want to publish them to be available as DLC for RPG Maker. I want the DLC to cost money. However, I don't have any idea how to publish my work either as...
  4. CrisR82

    Kid Generator Parts Usage Questions

    I have a question about the use rights for the Kid Generator Parts DLC - the site has two tags in particular that concern me: "Violent Content Forbidden" and "Adult Content Forbidden". While the labels are self-explanatory, they, by themselves seem far too broad to clarify where the line is...
  5. Ari_Arrivederci

    Help With Add-On Generator Parts Not Showing!

    So I'm not sure if this is right place to post this I'm kinda brand new But I just bought a bunch of DLC packs from the RPG Maker website specifically the japanese character expansions and I tried to add each part to their respective folders (they're all properly labeled) and when I start up...
  6. I can't find my DLC or Generator folder and plugins won't install [windows10]

    I got MV in 2017 and never got around to doing much at the time. Now that I have a better computer, I finally wanted to start using MV. the problem is that i had bought DLC but it wasn't in the game. i looked at a bunch of tutorials and have seen that there's supposed to be a Generator folder...
  7. EmmaB

    For Commercial Use? Editing?

    Hi everyone, I have been looking at some packs on the RPGMaker web store and was wondering if anybody knows if these packs are allowed to be used in commercial games? PVG Sci-Fi Tiles School Tiles Bundle Sci-Fi Tiles Resource Pack Sci Fi Battlebacks Royal Tiles Resource Pack Dungeons &...
  8. Accatosh

    Cover Art Characters Pack: Terms of Use - RPG Maker MV

    Hello! I've bought the Cover Art Characters Pack and wanted some other emotions on the characters. I've found some on the internet, but I'm not sure if it's okay to use them or not? I have read the terms of use of RPG Maker Web but I'm still not sure, since the ones I found on the internet is...
  9. EmmaB

    Question about Spriter Pro + RPG Heroes Art Pack

    Hi everyone, I have been looking around for any character generators that could be used to make busts for characters. After looking at Spriter Pro, it looks like it might fit my needs but I am wanting to know if it has a good variety of Sci-fi/modern character parts, as I am wanting to make a...
  10. Rinober

    Robots Pack - Showcase

    Hey all, another graphic pack for my drawn style has been released: Futuristic Cities - Robots Expansion is available now. Find it on the RPG Maker store or Steam! I'm creating this thread to give you some impressions on what you can actually do with the graphics. Please note that this is a...
  11. ZEkA10000

    RPG Maker VX Ace resources in other Engines.

    I just interest, can I use RPG Maker VX Ace custom (or DLC) graphics in other engines? I don't know what written in license agreement of that graphics packs because tiles taken from other non-protected projects (it's old practice).
  12. Moxy

    Add-On Content Released By Date

    I'm getting ready to release my game in about a month. I want to have add-on content (weapons, outfits, items) that are on the game from day one, but won't be available to the user until later dates. For example I might have a Halloween themed outfit available on Halloween. This way as time...
  13. Parallax Panda

    Nostalgia Graphics pack Auto-Tiles

    I just wanted to point out that the auto-tiles in the Nostalgia Graphics pack are broken. I'm talking about the upper right corner piece of most (if not all?) auto tiles. The one piece that is critical for drawing anything more complex than a square. While a bit irritating, since I expect...
  14. Nightblade50

    Two questions on DLC

    I placed this thread here though I'm not sure if it should go here. Mod can move it if needed I have 2 questions relating to DLC. 1. I bought DLC on Steam for RPGMaker VXAce and accidentally deleted some of the files in it. How can I get it back? 2. I bought a music pack on Steam for RPGMaker...
  15. yamakoku

    MV Preorder Music and DLC's

    So, when MV was released i didn't even know RPG Maker was a thing, so i obviously didn't preorder it. Can anyone tell me in which DLC did the Preorder Music end up on? I heard a lot of good songs from it, and i really just want to buy the DLC that has them now, since i heard they put the...
  16. GalacticGod

    RMMV Super Mystery Magazine - Character Sprite Question

    Example: I was going through some of my older RPG Maker MV Resources, trying to sort them out and whatnot and came across the Super Mystery Magazine Character Set. (It comes with sprites for Chupacabra, Mothman, Bigfoot, Ningen, Kappa, Moai, Pyramid Eye, and Flatwoods Monster). I believe this...
  17. Parallax Panda

    RPG Maker games made with FES/DS/DS+ DLC?

    The title pretty much says it all. I'm interesting in playing RPG Maker games that were made with these DLC assets. If you know of a game (or playable demo), feel free to share it. If some interesting games pop up, we can discuss them as well. I didn't really know where to post this thread but...
  18. Font?

    Ok, i bought Time Fantasy DLC. I'm with very much problems with this DLC, mainly with the font. I just downloaded all pixeladed fonts of Dafont.com and none of them fit. Someone have a font that fit with this DLC? Pixeladed For VX Ace.
  19. Nyny

    Animation DLC Troubles [Solved]

    I recently bought the Thaumaturgy animation DLC for RMMV, and I've had no trouble importing it into my game. However, when I set the animations up (increased maximum for animations, added the animations, and raised the max number of frames to 30 for each one), they don't really. .play? It plays...
  20. deficiencyproductionz

    Troubleshooting RPG Maker 3 Music for MV

    Anyone here also own the rpg maker 3 music DLC for MV? The audio doesn't seem to loop properly even though it's .ogg, so I was wondering if someone else knew how to fix it. Thank you for reading!

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