1. Yanntastisch

    RPG Maker MV and MZ not booting up

    Hello there, I have a big problem with both RPG Maker MV and MZ. It started a few months ago. I cannot open either MV or MZ, both will only boot up in the background as seen on my Task Manager, , or they show the splash screen and open the window but proceed to stay white with no response...
  2. .dll files

    Hello! I'm trying to upload my game but people keep seem to have this problem. My game needs the file RGSS202E.dll but in the files it's RGSS104E.dll. I can't seem to find a way to fix this. I've tried uploading the .exe file when you compress the files but when you download and open it tries...
  3. yeetMyDudes

    RMVXA Accessing Hidden Classes/Libraries for Scripting

    Hello, I'm wanting to investigate how the Graphics class works in VX Ace, as I'm wanting to do some technical graphics. Would anybody know how/where I can find these hidden classes? Would I need to somehow go digging through the .dll files? :kaodes: Thank you in advance :rwink: (PS: If I make...
  4. Rikifive

    Files (.dll etc.) Located in '/System' Folder

    Hello everybody, I hope I posted that in correct forum. I have some stuff in System folder, that I'm not sure of. - 'fyxinput.so' and 'msvcrt-ruby191.dll' are coming from a script, so that's okay (I've put them there) - I'm not sure when and where did 'Options.dt' came from. Nothing happens...
  5. EternalShadow

    How to use the High-Resolution .DLL

    THE ORIGINAL .DLL IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE - AN UPDATE IS COMING SOON PLEASE SEE THE LAST POSTS OF THIS TOPIC FOR THE MOST RECENT NEWS High-Resolution .DLL Guide Introduction The High-Resolution .DLL is part of the high-resolution RPG Maker Project, found here...

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