1. ??????

    DMV Screenshot Downloader

    Screenshot Downloader By Dekita   Introduction: This plugin allows for players who are playing your game in a web browser to be able to instantly capture, download, and save screenshots. Please do note: This only works in web browsers. Screenshots: I would literally only...
  2. ??????

    DMV Zelda HUD

    Zelda HUD By Dekita Introduction: This plugin creates a simply health hud inspired by the well known Zelda RPG created by Nintendo. The hud concept is simple: You have a number of hearts displayed on screen that represent how much of your hp you have remaining...
  3. ??????

    Customizable Destination Sprite

    Destination Sprite By Dekita     Information: This system allows for MUCH more control over the 'destination sprite', you know, that thing that flashes at your destination when you click to move? Anyway, this plugin changes that from the default white square, to whatever image you want it to...
  4. ??????

    Human Instincts (stats)

    DMV Human Instincts (stat) By Dekita   Information: This system creates two new stats, survival instinct, and killer instinct. Naturally, these statistics are heavily based on the well known animalistic attributes of humans (and almost all other creatures...). Features: ☆ Survival Instinct...
  5. ??????

    Online Highscores

    DMV Online Highscores By Dekita Introduction: This system allows unlimited online highscore lists to be within your game. These lists can be ordered a number of ways. There isnt really much to say on what this does, cause I am fairly sure everyone knows what an online highscore list is...
  6. ??????

    Rare Candies

    Rare Candies By Dekita   Introduction: This plugin recreates the famous 'rare candy' item from pokemon. For those that dont know, rare candies increase an actors level by 1 when eaten. I have also allowed for rare candy skills. Features: Rare Candy items and skills, thats all. ^_^ How To...
  7. ??????

    Heal On Level Up

    Heal On Level Up By Dekita   Introduction: This simple plugin allows for actors to be healed upon level up. Various settings are available to control the gain amounts and type. Features: Just the healing on level up thing, thats all. ^_^ How To Use: Download, Put it in your project, hit...
  8. ??????

    DMV Param Limits (stat)

    DMV Param Limit Breaker (stat) By Dekita   Introduction: This plugin allows for all actor parameter limits to be broken, and also for each actor to have their own unique limitations. Some notetags are available to allow for each actors limits to easily bealtered by you, the game developer...
  9. ??????

    DMV Param Distribute (stat)

    DMV Param Distribution (stat) By Dekita   Introduction: The distribution options added by this system can be controlled in a number of ways, for example, the window, all buttons, and all text can be fully customized by the game developer. The distribution button is also a snazzy new 'toggle'...
  10. ??????

    DMV Critical Damage Rate (stat)

    DMV Critical Damage Rate (stat) By Dekita   Introduction: The default critical damage rate multiplier is (damage * 3), which imo, is just insane. This plugin changes that in the following ways; The default multiplier value is now lowered from *3, to *1.5 - which is a default setting that can...
  11. ??????

    DMV Damage Levels (stat)

    DMV Damage Levels (stat) By Dekita   Introduction: This plugin creates 10 new stats total, these are as follows; Attack Types:  * atl - General Attack Level  * cal - Certain Attack Level  * pal - Physical Attack Level  * mal - Magical Attack Level  * sal - Self Attack Level Defence Types:  *...
  12. ??????

    DMV Willpower (stat)

    DMV Willpower (stat) By Dekita Introduction: A short description of how this system works; As you take damage from hp, willpower goes down, and other stats (atk, def, mat, mdf, agi and luk) each go down in accordance with the will multiplier. When you are at full hp mp and tp, the other stats...
  13. ??????

    DMV Timer Wait 4 Event

    DMV Timer Wait 4 Event By Dekita   Introduction: This simple plugin stops the game timer from processing when an event is running. This is to allow for messages etc to be shown without the timer running out. Screenshots: Not required Plugin: Link FAQ: None yet Credits: Dekita / DekitaRPG
  14. ??????

    DMV Map Buttons

    DMV Map Buttons By Dekita   Introduction: This plugin creates upto 25 map buttons that can be used to run almost any code you desire. By default, 7 of these buttons trigger the main menu scenes, and the others are left unused to allow for expansion with custom plugins that create...
  15. ??????

    DMV Window Kursor Blink

    DMV Kursor Blink By Dekita   Introduction: This simple plugin allows the default window cursor 'blink' speed to be modified, or even completely stopped! Screenshots: Not required Plugin: Link FAQ: None yet Credits: Dekita / DekitaRPG
  16. ??????

    DMV Core

    DMV Core By Dekita   Introduction: This plugin is a requirement for almost all of my other RPG Maker MV plugins. You should ensure this plugin is also loaded before all other DMV plugins. Frequent updates will also be applied to this particular plugin, therefore, it is advised that you check...

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