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  1. FREE Doctor Who Resources Needed (Large set)

    Hi all, I am currently planning a Doctor Who inspired RPG game. This would be non-commercial and simply a fun, fan project. Ideally, the resource set would be fairly large and include a vast number of tilesets and character sheets. General Synopsis: You play as The Doctor. A Time Lord that...
  2. DiscoInFEARNo

    Mechanics for a Doctor Who game?

    Hey guys, So I've ran into a bit of a conundrum, basically I'm developing a Doctor Who fan game and I've still not decided how I'm going to handle combat, I was originally looking into an ABS system because I prefer the idea of having all the enemies on the screen and sneak past them if you...
  3. lixerman99

    RPG MAKER MV Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver Cursors + (NEW) DALEKS SPRITES!

    Hi! For my game (using mouse system ex) I made a bunch of Doctor Who cursors based off of all the sonic screwdrivers. In my game the screwdriver changes image (lights up and extends) when you click and press space through a parallel event and can open doors. You can use these a cursors...
  4. Acolyte

    Doctor Who Resources

    Greetings, friends! This is a set of parallax images and charactersets to help you create your very own Tardis interior! :D The charactersets might be a little difficult to align. I suggest using a script call to manually designate the specific event coordinates (...
  5. BBC Doctor Who Resources

    Hello! Not sure if this is possible, but I am looking to create a Doctor Who game within rpg maker mv. I would be looking for icons and tiles of the following: - The Doctor (preferably 12 but any would do) - Companions (companions from the new series only 2005 onwards) - The TARDIS - Sonic...
  6. dunkingcookies

    Just some sprites Ive been working on. I'm really new to this hope you like.

    Hi, I only started using Rpg Maker around two weeks ago, I couldn't find the sprites i wanted so decided to make some. The first set i made was the doctor who ones and then I've been working on some marvel ones as I'm trying to make  a Saturday Morning Cartoon/pop culture type game. let me...
  7. Doctor Who sprites needed!

    Hello everyone! I'm starting a Doctor Who rpg and I'm beginning with the 9th doctor. I just need some charsets (no faces needed). I need these: 9th doctor Rose Tyler Jackie Tyler Mickey Smith Other stuff from doctor who season one is also appreciated. - HeroWorkbrine

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