does anyone read these

  1. RivalRamen_Games

    RMMV Saga of Seven-Fold (Game Idea!)

    Game Idea!! In a world where planar travel is as common as a road trip to Grandma's, Ramona is a World-Traveler-in-training, a student of the powerful art of planar travel. However, she is extremely impatient, and upon using a World Key, basically splits herself into seven people! The key then...
  2. Touchfuzzy

    Event One Map Game Challenge

    Welcome everyone, to the ongoing One Map Game Challenge! First of all, this isn't a contest. There are no deadlines, there is no judging, or voting. This is just a challenge. You can tackle this whenever you want, or not tackle it at all! So, one thing I've found a lot of people have problems...

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I now officially hate moustaches.
I have a couple of NPCs who are important enough to need faces. I have learned that I can't really do moustaches, & now wish I'd never started this.
A sad day for me. A monitor that served me loyally for more than 5 years is getting replaced. It's begun to throw very large sparks.
experimenting with outlines in GIMP. found out it's EXTREMELY easy to do actually.

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