1. sleepy_sealion

    RMVXA Dog Quest

    Dog Quest! A game about dogs. A short 20 minute game, made for the one map challenge. And also my first game on the site! Synopsis: You are a dog, and one day, you find yourself mysteriously lost in a strange woods, with no idea how you even got here. What you do know however, is that there...
  2. heroscratch

    Star Dogs: ****Demo Now Available!****

      Genre: Dark Comedy/Drama-Action RPG   ***DEMO Download***   Rtp Included: http://www.mediafire.com/download/cv8sdgx74p36s2w/Star_Dogs_RTP.rar RTP Not Included on files below.   The below difficulties relate to the time allowed to act during battles. Easy Mode also comes with some starting...
  3. WholeTone Games

    Stray Dogs

    Stray Dogs is a 3-part action RPG made in RPG Maker VX ACE. It features a street fighting dog named Buster and his adopted brother and martial artist Spot as they try to clean up a city torn by corruption and prejudice.  The game starts as Buster comes back to his home town after receiving a...

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Sorry I couldn't comment before, I relogged here for someone's B-Day yesterday. ((Yeah yeah... been scared got on the throne and all as usual. Being social seems harder than walking now. So sorry to everyone and especially you.))
How goes the game make?
Took me almost a year to flesh out this concept but hey, now it works.

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