1. Jellicoe

    Using events for doodads, any downside?

    I was thinking of getting many of the doodads by using events, and erasing the doodads in the tileset so I can make room for other stuff. Things like signs, flowers, barrels In the tileset I was thinking of erasing so I can put things like roofs and towers. Since it seems that having 5...
  2. Dungeonmind

    Can't seem to get yanfly doodads to work for me

    Hi everyone, I have been trying to get yanflys doodads plugin to work for Jesse's Medieval line of resources to make things easier on me, but everything fails to load. Here's an example image of that: It will do this for every image if you click retry again and again it will cycle through...
  3. LackeDragon

    Choosing between Tileset/Parallax/Doodad

    Hello! Wanting to do some more advanced mapping I came across a little question which I will explain below. At first, I was going for a classic tileset mapping, but I quickly noticed the parallax one. Being a 2D/3D artist, it quickly resonnated with me and so I tried some. But I noticed it was...
  4. Tea's Jams

    Animated Plugin free fog. (using YEP_GridFreeDoodads)

    Updated 30May2017 I know this won't float everyone's boat, as it will likely prove to be your BIGGEST doodad! I like to try to avoid using too many plugins and this accomplishes my fog needs without one.(I am of course assuming that everyone already has the doodad plugin, haha) Maybe it will...
  5. Tea's Jams

    Underpass door frame tiles (doodads)

    This gets a new thread because it needs a little explanation. These are Doodads for use with Yanfly's Grid Free Doodad plugin. They go on the ceiling tiles above door ways so your character can pass under the door way while going through it. (mostly intended for interior doors, bedrooms and...

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