1. Whitewitchworks

    Looking for 2 tile high MV doors both Scifi and normal?

    So the Chibi looking sprites are cute but not very fitting for the game I'm making so I was wondering if anyone had made a two tile high version of the MV Doors? I'd appreciate being pointed in the right direction or if someone good at editing can make it? Thank you very much for your time...
  2. Whitewitchworks

    Puzzel door won't stay locked untill puzzel is solved.

    Ok I'm having a bit of a problem, I'm making a puzzle game and for one of the puzzle rooms you have ts change all the lights to green, I already have the light conditions set so when you walk on them they change and effect neighbouring lights. so the puzzle starts X0XXX0X but say you walk...
  3. tale

    Sharm - LPC: Modified base tiles

    Sharm modified some of the tiles she made in LPC style to work in RPG Maker VX Ace. Some of the tiles were commissioned by William Thompson who would like to be acknowledged as a contributor. Zip file includes- [Characters] !$clock | !$door | !fire | $princess [System] Window | Window1...
  4. kiriyubel

    Elevator doors

    Good day, all. I hope this is the right place to post this: I'm using RPG Maker VX Ace and I'm trying to make an elevator: 1. The player press the button to call the elevator. 2. the elevator door opens. 3. the player take a step or two from the elevator button and into the elevator. 4. the...
  5. karinthefox

    Door event disappears!! Please help!!

    Hello everyone!! I'm having trouble with a door that disappears when I use it and it's driving me crazy. I already tried searching the forums but either I couldn't find anything that helped or the link was broken. The situation's like this: My main character, Lacrima, needs to talk to 2 people...
  6. PhxFire

    Need help finding doors

    I've tried searching the forums but whenever I search for door/doors I just get a bunch that are 1.5 or 2 tiles high. Does anyone know of any custom RTP doors that are normal size, arched or square, doesn't matter. Just need to get some more variation in my towns/cities. Thanks a bunch!
  7. afternoon700

    Need help with an item-using event

    I'm currently making a puzzle game for a school project. I got stuck in this "use-specific-item-to-proceed" process... For example, let's say that the player has to use a key in front of a door. My objectives are 1) assigning the right key to the door, 2) and showing a message if the player did...
  8. atoms

    Who thought the first two Paper Mario games were really fun games?

    I remember playing them a long time ago now and they are still part of my child memorises. I use to really enjoy the first one and the second one. I played the third one too, I enjoyed it but felt the first two were the best. I never played the others but heard they didn't seem as good. Maybe...
  9. MonkeyFrog

    Play Sound On Door Close?

    Hello all. I am just learning how to work with RPG Maker MV and am having a little issue. I've create an event that allows me to move a ball over a particular square. Once there, it opens a door somewhere else. If I move the ball off the square, the door closes again. Nice! Works a charm. I also...
  10. Kacribus

    RPG MV : Door Creates Lines on Walls?

    My software : RPG Maker MV. Issue : Hello! I wanted to have the walls of my rooms consist of two tiles horizontally so I can have paintings fit onto my walls without looking weird or too big/crowded. I also don't want my rooms to look horizontally squished. I place down a door and everything...
  11. NPC Walk Through Door

    Hello all! This is probably the simplest thing to do in RPG Maker MV, but it's the only thing I can't figure out how to do. My NPC is in the middle of a room on Autorun. When my MC walks into the room, the NPC talks. After this happens, I want my NPC to walk up, open the door, and walk through...
  12. nijineko

    Why do RM buildings/structures have no inside doors?

    As I was map building, I noticed that there seem to be little to no inside doors for buildings or structures. For example, virtually all the built-in maps of building-insides have no doors, even where such doors would be logical to have (bathrooms, bedrooms, offices, closet/storage rooms...
  13. nijineko

    Suggestions for implementing secret doors

    I am looking for suggestions for implementing secret doors on the map level in my project. Parameters: This is a early rogue-like dungeon-crawl old-school style game. Secret doors need to appear like any other stretch of wall prior to reveal. After reveal, it needs to appear as a door. The...
  14. Vetmora

    QABS Plugin: Ignore other event colliders

    Hi guys, I'm using the QABS suite of plugins: Trying to figure out how to make it so that when an event with the <enemy:X> notetag returns to its original x and y when it can't find the player, that it then ignores...
  15. Guardinthena

    Free Resource Content

    I've created a lot of different resources for RPG Maker VX Ace over the years and I thought it was finally time I start sharing them with the community. Most of what I've created are repaints of resources found within the game itself or carefully crafted new items of existing pieces. As such...
  16. Tea's Jams

    Underpass door frame tiles (doodads)

    This gets a new thread because it needs a little explanation. These are Doodads for use with Yanfly's Grid Free Doodad plugin. They go on the ceiling tiles above door ways so your character can pass under the door way while going through it. (mostly intended for interior doors, bedrooms and...
  17. wariolandgoldpiramid

    [MV Sprite] Need custom doors

    I need a few custom sprites of doors and gates. A metal gate that is one tile wide and 2 tiles tall. Something like #5 in this image would be nice. It also needs to have a lock on the right side, and the gate needs to open inside and left. It should not turn invisible when opened, but look...
  18. Johan86

    Johan's MV stuff! (Updated 11/02/2018) (Added Castle Walls)

    Hello everyone! Here is a thread with all the resources I've edited or created for MV so far... Updated 11/02/2018: Added Castle Walls Updated 05/01/2018: Added Game-Icons-Net Iconset for MV Updated 20/10/2017: Added Wooden Fence Updated 08/10/2017: Added Extra Fence Updated 28/06/2017: Added...
  19. Johan86

    More Big Gates!

    Hi all! I did some recoloring on my previous Big Gate edits... These are also free for commercial & non-commercial use! Here are the gates: ...and here is the recolored gate frame tile: ...and thats all for now! I really hope you find them useful!
  20. Johan86

    Big Gate

    Hello everyone! I made some edits on the rpg maker mv default Gate 1 and I wanted to share, in case anyone needs a bigger gate! I also made a tile that maches the gate's new proportions... Its free for commercial & non-commercial use of course! I hope you like it!

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