1. RemonShimai

    Pop! Horror city door problem

    Hello guys! :) I'm making a game using the Pop! Horror City -pack (which is awesome!), and I ran into a little problem with the doors. I've nearly always used the same door event in my other projects without a problem, and the event itself isn't a problem in this case. I've also used In-Depth...
  2. Passable Inside Tiles, Unmoveable Character

    Hello, I am new to this site and still some what new to RPG Maker, I have watched tutorials and have managed to get the hang of most stuff! I am am now making my own original game rather then following the tutorial video any more and have come across a problem when making doors. You have...
  3. tsu

    Door vanishes after cutscene

    okay so I made a cutscene where the character runs out of the door, but as soon as she goes through it, the door disappeared? it worked under normal going in and out circumstances, but just this one time it vanished and I cant work it out I used the auto-door thing too screenshots: Edit...
  4. I need help with door scripting.

    Im really stuck right now making an rpg. I have this one area made up of its own tiles. I wanna make a shop, so I build one in that area. I make the inside of the shop, then on its exterior, I make a door leading inside. When I use the door on the outside, I do end up where I want inside, but I...
  5. Benja

    Same map door system.

    The title might be confusing, but here are the features of what I would be asking for. 1. A door system where I open the door first, then can choose to walk through or not. This is a terrible explanation of what I want, so I will be more detailed. If you press space/enter/z on a door the door...
  6. 30phil1

    {Simple Question} How to make a flat door

    Hey guys, easy question. How do you make an event look as if the door is completely shut? I don't need to transfer my player, I just need it to look like a shut door. Thanks!
  7. _Shadow_

    [EVENTING TUTORIAL] Door opens, NPC comes out, cut scene. How to do it.

    So it seems that there are still people out there that can't find a tutorial on making a cut scene with an NPC involved. Here I will show you how to do it step by step. Make an NPC that we will talk, to trigger the cut scene. The event id on my project is 001. Make a door event. Here on my...
  8. MusicWizard

    Close Door behind me event quetion.

    Hello folks. First off i don't know if this post is in the right place but i give it a try. I got a problem i would like to solve. When i make door event that opens and i walk in and transfers the actor to another location. I want the door to close beind me on the location i have transfered...
  9. Dacuna


    Last minute, argh! I didn't know this was going on until the last day, so I got my old game together (not really old, still made this month) and here it is! https://www.firedrive.com/file/1D1CD621D269A261 It's one of those impossible games that will take many hours of blood and tears (not...
  10. Event on top of an event?

    Okay, I am a complete newb so this might sound dumb but I couldn't find a solution anywhere so here it goes: I want to make a trapdoor, that I can do easily, and I want to make a move-able/push-able statue, also easy. My problem is I want this statue to be on top of the door so the player...
  11. Rodvard

    Two way doors inside! (Eventing with Default RPGMVXA)

    MAJOR REVAMP & UPDATE: Following the amazing interest and feedback on my little post I have remade this guide in full and streamlined my events code. Please see my step by step guide below on doors and the video I made on it at the bottom of this post (1min 15sec). Hello wonderful people! I...
  12. vincent274

    Blocking door with an event.

    Hi guys, Is it possible to block a door with another event? Here's the situation, to explain it more precisely: My character is a thief, who's trying to escape from a prison. I want him to block the door with a table, so guards can't enter the room. I've already done the "push" and "pull"...
  13. Ruby

    Requesting a door!

    I just want a simple wooden door to match this house, pretty please. The door that I have on there doesn't look quite right and I've tried many other doors (All of Cel's and Luna's) and can't quite find the one I'm looking for. I've also tried making a couple, to no avail. I'd like it to be...
  14. CrypticCuddler

    Door Is Cut in Half

    EDIT: You know what? nevermind, I'll just use whatever I have that has the openings with the graphics @_@  EDIT: Okay, but if I want to use the door larger than 32 x 32..where are the openings for them so it doesnt look like you are walking into a wall? ;_; EDIT: I think I figured it out, but...
  15. Wirtle

    Unlocking a door with a dropped key

    Hello there, I am trying to make an event in which you defeat an enemy and he drops a key. You pick up the key and go to a locked door and the door will now open because you can now unlock it. I have already created the key and made it successfully drop from theenemy. Now all I need is a way to...
  16. dahilig007

    [RMVXAce] Door, entering without using action button

    I'm new to RPG Maker VX Ace and im really wanna know how to do this stuff. My problem is I want to enter a door without using the action button. But with just the use of direction button. Here's a screenshot of the event and map And here's the catch I tried "Conditional Branch.." and used...
  17. How to make doors locked with a password

    Hello there. Well, as the title says, how do I make a Passworded door where you can open it by entering the right password..... Thanks. I experimented through this but I still cannot make a password door. Maybe through script? If you can help me, then thanks
  18. BlueDemon

    Make door images

    Hello does anyone know if you can make custom doors from an image and use them in game?
  19. ShadowFox

    Castle door request

    Hi everyone. I have searched the forum but have not been able to find what I am looking for and am hoping someone can help me. What I am after is doors that could be in castle interiors, like doors to a bedroom within a castle. I need the doors to be able to wing open, so they must be in the...

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