1. PhxFire

    Need help finding doors

    I've tried searching the forums but whenever I search for door/doors I just get a bunch that are 1.5 or 2 tiles high. Does anyone know of any custom RTP doors that are normal size, arched or square, doesn't matter. Just need to get some more variation in my towns/cities. Thanks a bunch!
  2. Tonbi

    Tonbi's material factory

    Ohayo! Konnichiwa! Konbanwa! Provides tall size characters and interiors, Autotile templates...etcetera. 日本語のページは【画像素材】公式キャラ改変-三頭身キャラ です。 Credits & Terms of Usage! Free for commercial and non-Commercial use. You must have legally own an 'RPG Maker MV' license. You must not distribute this...
  3. Parallax Panda

    About the FES DLC doors...

    Yeah, the doors. I must ask what's going on there? I know the DLC pack is a mess in general, it can be forgiven to some extent since there is so much value in the resources provided, but... there doesn't seem to be any animated doors? Unlike the lack of animated waterfalls, I know the doors...
  4. Help with making Metal Gates Open and Close

    I've been searching the internet for the solution but I probably suck at it (and making RPG games)... I don't know how to make an event where I can toggle a metal door to slide so it can be passable, and then pressing the action button again to "slide" the metal door back. The event I want to...
  5. Vetmora

    Galv's MV Event Detectors JS Plugin: Store original x y

    I'm using one of Galv's plugins here: I'm setting up guards that chase the player and then go back to their "post" (original position) if they lose sight of the player. This plugin pretty much does what I...
  6. Johan86

    More Doors for MV!

    Hi all! I recolored some of Indrah's tall doors for my game and I wanted to share! Here is a link to Indrah's resources: Indrah's Tile Closet: MV Edition! ...and here are the doors: I hope you find them useful!
  7. SpunkySpaceCat

    Get party and then open door

    Me again with yet another problem. The title says it all. I know this uses a variable, and being the newb I am, I probably messed it up. I inserted another event page, yada yada. Did everything I could, and yet it doesn't work. Let me rephrase, I want to collect all the party members I need, and...
  8. Oraclegames

    Door Help?

    So I have a room area that looks like this: I used a quick event for the door: However the door vanishes once used. Like this: Does anyone know how to keep the doors and event continuously there?
  9. StrongGamerdude


    Hello, I was wondering how I could animate the doors and trees and other thing in the maker. I see images that could be made in to a animation, but I'm a little confused on how to do it. Also I would love a little insight of importing my own sprites. Please and thank you
  10. Kyuukon

    Tall SF Doors (MV)

    So, basically what I want are the MV RTP "!SF_Door1" and "!SF_Door2" in taller version. Indrah did it for the medieval doors here:  You can use them as reference for the size I'm looking for (in her thread they are listed as "medium sized doors") >.< Ideally, I'd like to employ them...
  11. How to make animated walls?

    Hi, I'm relatively new to RPG Maker (only 150 hours by now) and I want to make a switch that opens a wall, so I want to show an animation of this wall hiding on the floor, and showing some dust. This will be the base idea for other animations that I would like to use for puzzles like animating a...
  12. Excelsior

    Tall Doors

    For those who've used VX Ace, there were these doors that were two tiles tall. These were very helpful when you had large doorways into rooms because well, it looked natural! Sadly, in MV, those seem to have vanished. If my photoshop/editing skills weren't less than mediocre I'd make one...
  13. CharismaticGamer

    2 pixel doors is cutting off

    Hey everybody! Ok so here's the problem. I got this hidden book shelf image that i want as a door. This hidden book shelf is 2 square long. When I put the door event it cuts off in the left. I need help fixing this and is driving me crazy. I put images to show what I mean. Please help!
  14. PlayBoyMan

    Resetting doors on a map.

    I having an issue with the doors on a map for my game. When you leave one map to go to another (Door Event, transfer player), and you head back to the last map, the doors are closed.  In this map, to save time and space, The sections are all on one large map, and the user teleports to...
  15. Screech1989

    Door Sizes trouble :(

    Hey guys so i took the idea to make my sprites taller and more realistic instead of the chibi look, as you will see in the image below my characters are now taller, which i feel is a good thing, but i am having issues with setting up doors, they can still walk through them at the moment but my...
  16. Bahamut20

    Easy Interior Doors Tutorial

    This is a small tutorial to make nice looking interior doors possible without too much hassle. 1. First, create a quick door event as normal, and modify it as folllows: For the door's trigger, it's up to you if you want to activate on touch (default) or action button. 2. Then...
  17. Sprites keep hitting head (figuratively) on ceiling above RTP doors

    Basically, what are good methods to ensure characters display correctly "behind" RTP doors... preferably using the RTP assets and editor alone?   In MV, because all character sprites are offset by 6px unless prefixed with "!" (by design), the hair of a default-sized "filename.png" sprite will...
  18. Felix Miser

    2-tile door. (48x96)

    Rather bare for now, but I will be adding more things periodically. Eventually I'll make this thread my new Resource Emporium. The same rules apply as my VXA topic. Credit goes to Kadokawa and myself, Benjamin A.N. Calvert ( unless otherwise stated. Surely you're like me and are...
  19. ChaoticCavalcade

    Switching Doors Puzzle Help

    So, This probably has a really simple solution. I'm working on a game, and I have a puzzle in a dungeon that requires the player to flick a switch, and while it makes one door open, it makes another door close. I'm almost certain that this is an easy fix, I'm just having an oddly hard time with...
  20. Passable Inside Tiles, Unmoveable Character

    Hello, I am new to this site and still some what new to RPG Maker, I have watched tutorials and have managed to get the hang of most stuff! I am am now making my own original game rather then following the tutorial video any more and have come across a problem when making doors. You have...

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