1. Final Fantasy XIV's DoubleCast (Yanfly's FFV Dualcast)

    Hello beautiful people! Here I am trying to somehow tweak Yanfly's FFV dualcast to make it work as the FFXIV (if possible). If you have a better way to do it i'd like to hear it. For those unfamiliar with how the FFXIV version works, I'll explain: You cast some random magic, it doesn't...
  2. MeowFace

    Double Gold/Exp based on Luk/Dex

    Made this script for a request here. Sharing it here in case any one else need this feature in their game. Features: [1] A chance of double exp/gold based on a sum up total of actor's luck/dex that stacks with the game default double gold/exp. [2] The more actors with the tags in the battle...
  3. DeadCrescendo

    Game-Player's Gametapes?

    Okay, so I might be in the minority at 30 years old. But the fact is, these tapes filled my shelf in the early 90's / late 80's. My mom used to buy them at dollar stores! Do you guys remember these?

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