1. Elgigante94

    Question about mapping

    Hi Fellas, A little question: What is the best (and most "RPG" compliant) way to create our interior maps, with the outside walls or without? WITH : WITHOUT : Sometimes, people are letting the outside walls and other makers are removing them. A preference? Thanks for your advices !
  2. ishikyo

    Rpg Maker MV resize like RPG Maker 2003

    Weeell I was wondering if there is a way to auto resize all the game to hallf of it's size, without having to resize all the images. Something like rpg maker 2003 but the oposite, since in rm3k the sprites are made 2x bigger when you open the game. I'm already using the change tile size plugin...
  3. SushiAssado

    Force crash and continue where you left off

    How can I make a scene that the character breaks the fourth wall, closes the game, and when you open again, the game continues where you left off? like Doki Doki, Undertale, im scared, etc
  4. How would I like to do these skills for my characters?

    Hello, good morning, how are you? Well first of all I appreciate the attention of everyone here and I hope they can help me I'm still a newbie and I still have a lot to learn. I would like to know how I can create unique and unique skills from various series game characters like Final Fantasy's...
  5. Pine Towers

    Burn Out (or "When in doubt to continue")

    Hi guys! So, the topic today will be about burn out or when in doubt to continue. How do you react when the feeling of wasting time appears? Where do you grab yourself to? In the end objective? In what you already accomplished? Upon finding a game much close to yours, but "better", be it in...
  6. Evan

    doubt with character...

    I want to make a game like Pokémon. I do not want the main character to participate in the battle. "Only on the Map" How do I do this? Do you have a plugin or something?
  7. Yroshima

    Light doubt

    Hello guys! I has a doubt about the light in a map. I am trying to leave all the map dark, but only some parts with light...how can I do this? Thanks since now
  8. gmestanley

    RPG Maker Web's Forums' "Ranks"

    Yo, guys! I've seen those ranks below the users' avatars (Member, Veteran, Developer and Early Ace), and I'm here wondering "how does it works?", so I made this topic so you guys can help me out with this one. #RPGMVDarkThemeRules  :rock-right:
  9. FodasticoMan

    enemy animation battle

    Good night, 1)As I understand it you must download and activate two plugins AnimatedSVEnemies.js BattleEngineCore.js 2)Pick up some image with battle scenes and put the folder sv_actors. 3)Create a new actor with the image name that was put in sv_actors and the battle image. 4)Create troops...

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