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  1. Edward The Determined

    Making a Final Fantasy IV horror game and need down sprites

    Keep in mind, I'm not making profit out of this game, this project is made just for fun. But I need down sprites for these characters, ^ These sprites are made by sithjester and I'm using these sprites for my game with Edward as the main character. This project is made with RPG Maker VX...
  2. ThatChillingLittleKiddo

    Down sprite generator?

    I was wondering if there was a down sprite generator anywhere, I have a some characters I made from a character generator but I need some down sprites know where any generators for that kind of stuff are? Thanks!

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hi, i was looking thru ur awesome stuff, and was looking around the internet, how in the heckin heck do i get the hiddendoors to open? im addng them to the doors event but they just appear as solid walls, btw am total noob lol
currently working on some template sprites and tweaking the walk cycle :)

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