1. Avery

    Killing me softly... - Down poses for MV!

    @Candacis had suggested something like that long time ago, better late then never, I guess ;3 For best results, download the tutorial image and look at in a graphic programm of your chice so you can zoom in whenever you need it! If you have any questions or feedback, let me know! I highly...
  2. tale


    MPP_SimpleEquipWindows - 2016/07/23 (ver. 1.4) Creator name: Mokusei Penguin Overview Simplified Equipment Screen Features - It deletes "Equip" from the equipment menu. - It's possible to move with the up and down arrow keys. Screens Credit and Thanks: Mokusei Penguin Terms of Use- Free...
  3. "Down" Status/Ailment and "All-Out Attack"

    // Ok I'm probably writing this in the wrong section so anyone can send me to the right address if I'm mistaken. This is sure familiar to everyone who played Persona 3 or 4: You hit a enemy with the element it is weak against and it goes "down" status. This status dures just one turn, but if...
  4. Pixel-777

    Momope's VX/Ace Down Sprite Generator this generator by momope creates downed/damaged sprites! here's an example: the download is at the link above, but i'll also put the direct link here too. if you have problems with the installer, run it as an administrator and it should...
  5. Miss Nile

    [VXACE]In need of a down sprite

    Hi everyone, I have a (hopefully) simple spriting request. I am in need of a down version of this character in this form: I tried to do it myself but let's just say that the results weren't too pretty. ^^; Thanks a lot in advance!
  6. TheDrifter

    Allow mouse wheel to scroll up or down menus

    Greetings, I recognize this is kind of an odd request, but I am looking for a script that allows the mouse wheel to be used for scrolling up or down menus. No, I am not looking for a full mouse script for clicking stuff or anything, I am already using Shaz's Super Simple Mouse Script for that...
  7. Verdeware

    Falling, Falling...Down THE RABBIT HOLE!!!!! (or just a cliff :P)

    HOLA!!!! :P I need some help creating a sprite of someone falling. (in this case falling down a cliff) they were blasted in the chest and I wanted the character to fall that way. If someone else could help me with this, that would be great :D Sprite of Character: Verdeware
  8. Evan Finkel

    Down Sprites for this Girl [Request]

    Hello~ Just making a quick request. I need some down sprites (possibly 3) for this girl please. ♥ Examples what I meant by "Down". Thank you! :)
  9. From Down to Getting Up Sprite Request

        Hello, I am new to the forum and hopefully I've done everything right so far. Anyways, I would like to request this sprite: to go from any one of these down positions: to the standing position. I hope it can be down in four frames (similar to how doors animates by opening or closing)...
  10. xcom

    need down sprites

    Hello everyone! I really could use down character sprites for the below sprites.  I would prefer them "down" position that I have added as a example. Thanks!
  11. Monkeysnow55 The Cookie

    Can someone make this?

    Can someone make me a picture of the purple haired girl from ace (shown below).  I need her to have a piggy back on the guy because she's passed out and he needs to carry her, I'm not sure if you need to use the attacked graphic or the normal I just put both I NEED this for my game so I'd...
  12. Hiek

    Up + Down Movement

    Hey guys, I been messing around with the default directions in the script, however I cannot figure out how to disable the following (Facing Down) Sprites, and the (Facing Up) Sprites. My game uses only left and right sprites while still able to move up and down. Basically my movement needs to...
  13. ZoroarX

    Inside a Map - Player followers turn at sides

    Hi there, this is ZoroarX here. Today my question is: How to make the player followers turn a different sides? Like, when I use the Set Move Route and I make other events and the own player turn left, right, up or down it's easy but what about the Player followers? How do I do it?

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