1. Poryg

    #6 - clickable buttons, mouse handling, drag & drop

    Hello, fellow rpg makers! Part 6 of the tutorial series needs no introduction. So many people like button menus, so many want real-time mouse handling... And surprisingly enough, it's not that difficult! Required: An IDE (some of the most popular ones are Atom, Sublime text 2, Visual Studio...
  2. Lecode

    Drag and Move Windows

    Drag and Move Windows V 1.0 By Lecode Introduction This plugin was initialy made along with my TBS to allow the player to move windows on the screen at his ease. I noticed it could be usefull for any other scene which want to give more control to player, so I release it as a...
  3. MHRob

    In need of a Drag and Grab event, and a mail system.

    So, I'm looking for someone who wouldn't mind making two different scripts, or just one, depending on their interest, that I am looking to add to my game. The two scripts would function as followed: Grab and Drag Script: Tag events with a grab/drag comment that would allow the player to grab...

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