dragon ball

  1. Morpheus

    RMVXA [Demo] Untitled Dragonball Z Game

    Untitled DBZ Game SYNOPSIS Yet ANOTHER random DBZ Fan Game? PASS! SCREENSHOTS DOWNLOAD / KNOWN ISSUES Please leave me any and all feedback!
  2. Skunk

    Anyone have any theories about outcome of the universal martial arts tournament? (Dragon Ball Super)

    Ive been huge dragon ball fan all my life, and im wondering what other peoples thoughts and predictions are for the current saga :D
  3. Skunk

    Stoked about Black Goku!

    I have been a huge dragonball fan for a long ass time, and with this new Dragonball Super I was very worried it was going to either suck, or be too over the top. Has anyone been watching? Isn't is friggin' amazing!? I have so many theories about so many things.
  4. Herugrim

    Dragon Ball Game (Is it worth it?)

    Ever since I play Legend of the Super Saiyan on Super Nintendo I've wanted to see a really great, and complete RPG based on the franchise. RPG Maker seemed the solution and back in the day there was a ton of resources based on the property. None of those old resources are compatible with the...

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By the power of timezones! This picture shall still be posted on december 1st!!!

This is not something I'd ever even considered but wow! What a way to use music in a game.
I am a complete fool. I went through the trouble of making a clone sprite and setting up a system to have the characters flash, when it turns out - I never noticed that the "._mainSprite" was the actual bitmap being used. I'm happy since that makes compatibility easier, but I also want to scream.
Synchronizing bust and sprite expressions! Plus using a phone behaviour :kaopride:

Long gif tho, let it load first :kaoswt2:
Wondering how to force a Save State in VNMaker with a name and how to call it with a scene event in order to double check if this Save State exists or not. Phew... Leaving breadcrumbs for chapter DLCs to pickup would be more than half the fight in order to finish this visual novel :LZSsad:

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