dragon bones

  1. Marluwuxia

    RMMV DragonBones : Uncaught Error: Argument Error help

    I wanted to test out DragonBones, but seemingly can't find out where the error is. I have done some research and made sure everything is updated and in order. RMMV is on 1.6.2 version.
  2. GreenTree-Studios

    RMMV Dragon Bones

    (Currently in development) DISCOVER, REVIVE AND BATTLE! welcome, former residents of Earth, to Twin Gaea: A planet with a parallel atmosphere and environments. Here, you can search for various fossils of life that strongly resemble Earth’s early lifeforms (such as dinosaurs and the like) and...
  3. Azure_Sinbad

    Help with Yanfly Plugins Animated SV Enemies, Dragonbones and Action Sequence Pack 3

    Hi people, Looking for help with 2 separate issues I'm having with these plugins, first up; In battle when my enemies are going to attack, if I have them animated to run right right up to my party, if there is any overlap between the two, my enemy will be beneath my party characters instead of...
  4. Magusalfador

    Yanfly/KEL Dragon Bones Integration Update 1.06 error...

    Hi all! Im pretty sure you know about this plug in or at least heard of it. Last week Yanfly posted an update that allows the battlers with Dragon bones animation to make use of the action sequence "Jump" (previous version was ignoring the "Jump" action sequence.) But now, when I do a "Jump"...
  5. GenoGold

    DragonBones Enemies using the wrong animation

    Every time my dragonbone enemy uses an attack, its always swing, even when it uses a spell Heres whats in the notebox for the enemy
  6. I need help with the Yanfly_DragonBones plugin!

    So, I use this Yanfly plugin, which by the way is great, but by encrypting my project, I found the error below when entering the battles. That is, I deduced that it is the Dragonbones plugin. Could someone urgently help me? I need to encrypt my project, but this is preventing it from playing.

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