dragon quest

  1. Mooshry

    RMMV [RSE] Dragon Quest: Shadow of the Sinful Sorcerer

    After years of procrastinating and starting projects only to never finish them, I FINALLY released something! I found the Release Something Event, and decided to use it as motivation to make something. This is an authentic NES-style Dragon Quest fangame made in MV. It's only a 2 hour demo, so it...
  2. Morpheus

    RMMV Dragon Quest 8 - MV Edition

    Dragon Quest 8 MV Dragon Quest 8 is my favorite game of all time. It deserves every bit of praise it gets. It also deserves a tribute in the MV engine! Notes Story IMAGES/SCREENSHOTS CHARACTERS DEMO
  3. Emperor DragonBreath

    Attack Group of Enemies

    This guy called BeamKirby came up with a wonderful idea. I read a thread of his that was for VX Ace and I thought "What a wonderful idea for a plugin." Is this there any plugin for RPG Maker MV that allows skills to target groups of enemies kind of like in the Dragon Quest games, or even The...
  4. OneManIndie

    Recruitment: How would you handle it?

    PARTY BUILDING Every RPG deals with this mechanic. It's one of the most important features in designing a role-playing game. I've also seen this feature called RECRUITMENT; due to the fact that, in many cases, you have to acquire them for your party. In fact, there have been games devoted solely...
  5. ColdAsSnow

    The Sea Between (Version 1.0.0)

    https://theseabetween.itch.io/the-sea-between Price:$4.99 SYNOPSIS SCREENSHOTS CREDITS DEMO WEBSITE & SOCIAL MEDIA
  6. Mooshry

    RMMV Enemy Names

    I've got a BIG problem with naming my monsters. There are 3 names i've got a problem with. (These names are Dragon Quest III styled, so i want a Dragon Quest III NES-styled name! Less than 10 chars!) Here are examples of Dragon Quest III enemy names: BLACKRAVEN HUMANABAT MADHOUND RAMMORE...
  7. Mooshry

    Weird Enemy Designs

    IDK if this is the right forum to post this, but i need weird enemy designs for one of my games. I made a status update saying this, and people told me to post a thread about it so i could get more fleshed-out designs. So, yeah. I'll describe some Dragon Quest enemies you can use as reference...
  8. Mooshry

    Dragon Quest Style Icons

    I need two Dragon Quest-style icons for my fangame. First, the Aqua Diamond, custom-made. And the Fresh Milk, from DQVIII I want them to be in the style as the icons in this page: https://dragonquest.wikia.com/wiki/List_of_items_in_Dragon_Quest_IX Thanks in advance!
  9. ColdAsSnow

    RMMV The Sea Between [Demo]

  10. ColdAsSnow


    Hey everybody, I've been frequenting these forums for a couple years now, but I thought I should introduce myself now that I have a project that I'm proud to talk about. I'm from the east coast of Canada and I'm currently working on a project called The Sea Between. My day job is as a...
  11. Mooshry

    Livideer and Moosapocalypse sprites

    I need battler sprites for these two monsters: Resource Type: Battlers x2 Maker Format: VX (From 90 x 90 to 130 x 130) Art Style: Dragon Quest Sprites (Preferrably DQVI DS) (Examples: ) https://i.pinimg.com/originals/02/c7/9e/02c79e7e1cac7e2bbcfd5d213a342b81.jpg...
  12. EmceeProphIt

    Dragonquest/Earthbound Style Personal Inventories

    Hey guys! I've spent quite a while trying to find/cobble together something like this, but I haven't found anything quite right. In Dragonquest and the Mother series, each party member can carry a certain amount of items, and have separate inventories. In addition, anything the player had...
  13. DjKniteX

    Possible to do Dragon Quest Menu System?

    I notice some of the scripts for VX Ace and I really love the menu/interface of Dragon Quest and was wondering if there is already a script or if its built into the engine.. The one I found so far is only for VX -  But I am planning on using the plugin from Tyruswoo, if I'm reading it...
  14. Dragon Quest Monster Plugin

    Hello. I'm coming today to send with the world a new plugin. As the title says, this plugin has as goal to reproduce the complex system of Dragon quest Monster series. It allows many things like : - The addition to usable skills of two new skills : Tension and Recruit. The first allows...
  15. GethN7

    Dragon Quest 1 Remake

    [Note: Slightly altered verison of the descripton posted at: http://www.rpgmakervxace.net/topic/31556-dragon-quest-1-remake/ ] Synopsis: A game loosely based on the first Dragon Quest, and by loosely, I mean it follows the same basic core story, has the same rough location of the original...
  16. sawworm

    Shattered Hourglass - Over 40 hours of gameplay

    Hello there! Shattered Hourglass is a huge time travel RPG I'm working on since 2012, well at least time to time. It's inspired by many popular titles I grew up with such as Breath of Fire, Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy, Suikoden and of course Chrono Trigger! It's now available on Steam...

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