1. Looking for help with Character Generation Dragonballz

    Hello, so I am brand new to all of this. I want to make a dragonballz game for fun. I have found a lot of sprites for dbz online, but in the end I think I would be best off if I could use the built in character generator to generate consistent sprites. Are there any plugins that would provide...
  2. Morpheus

    RMVXA Dragonball Z Fan game

    Is yet another DBZ game following the main story seem boring? Let me know what you think! Screenshot showing off graphics
  3. GrandmaDeb

    Proudly presenting... Pineda!

    Those of you who know his sprites know two things - that these are some incredible sprites, and that there are a ton of them! So give me time, I have received permission from Pine to post his sprites here until he is able to get his site up and running again. I will get complete terms from...
  4. kanis999

    RMVXA Legend of the Infini - Now in Beta

    Legend of the Infini ***This game has moved to the Completed Games Forum*** Click to go there. *Game contains religious elements and minor language. **Game contains music and characters from other games/media, but combined into a very new plot in a Kingdom Hearts-esque fashion...

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