1. Trihan

    Dragonbones Union animations + idle/action sequence movement

    So I have a couple of issues. The first is that apparently, regardless of the "Loaded Animation" setting, armatures default to "Walk", the same as regular battler sprites do. This means that for the Walk motion, I need to set it to the "Idle" animation in order for it to be playing idle when the...
  2. Kwerty

    RMMZ On a Journey RPG

    Whats happening -- I've started working with RPGM to create a new RPG intended for Commercial Release. Plot In the Village of Sturdy Oaks, our hero awakens to the sound of rustling leaves and the promise of adventure. Today is no ordinary day. Your father, a seasoned hunter, has invited...
  3. cheef

    Dragonbones Portraits in RMMV: Is this even possible?

    I'm aiming to replace as much art as possible with Dragonbones, not just battlers. Currently using KELYEP_Dragonbones for Battlers and I'm looking for UI element replacers now. Does anyone know of any scripts or whether this is possible? I'd even appreciate a 'no idea' or 'It's not likely...
  4. rakanishoo

    RMMV YEP_X_TurnOrderDisplay vs KELYEP_DragonBones compatibility issue

    Hi, I found a compatibility issue with YEP_X_TurnOrderDisplay and KELYEP_DragonBones. In case you use DragonBones animated enemy, the turn order display shows black square instead of sv_enemy image. Reason: KELYEP_DragonBones modifies Game_Enemy.battlerName() function and returns '' for...
  5. RMMZ Dragonbones Integration

    Hi guys i have a problem Im currently using RMMZ, and i want to integrate dragonbones I already got the plugin, and the libraries Both Tier 0 and Tier 2 plugins in the manager and the library in the "lib" folder. I also have my dragonbones folder with my assets. I set the enemy notetags (copy...
  6. RMMZ Animation not playing to completion.

    I created an animation using Aseprite and Dragonbones of a character throwing a spear, however, it doesn't play correctly when I import it into the game and instead plays only the first few frames. Any ideas? Full animation: https://i.gyazo.com/e1e43693d098d804f57dc63b1f431920.mp4 What appears...
  7. Can Dragonbones Works On MOG LMBS?

    So I Wonder, Can Dragonbones Works On MOG LMBS?
  8. alcreator440

    RMMV Dragonbones is preventing Animated Sideview sprites from flashing

    The latest version of Dragonbones is preventing all animated sideview sprites(including actors) from flashing during animations. The Dragonbones sprites flash just fine from animations, just not the regular ones. I know this is an easy fix but I'm not script savvy enough to fix the problem...
  9. alcreator440

    RMMV Summoning Dragonbones Actors mid battle

    As the title says I'm trying to find a way to summon Dragonbones actors mid battle through action sequences(like an FF style summon). I can do it just fine with regular actors but for some reason Dragonbones actors can only be loaded up in the beginning of battle if they are already in the party...
  10. DarielZer0

    RMMV Dragonbones replace character's battlers rpg MV

    Hello,im using Dragonbones battlers and i want to know if there is a way to replace my main character's battler in some point of the game,for example i get a better armour and i want the character show it in battles,in normal mv is just to replace battler sprite but dragonbones plugin work with...
  11. BuckyBattleBorn

    RMMZ Dragonbones

    I'm not sure why I keep getting this error everytime a battle initiates. Not sure what it means. Any chance one of you fine programmers can help me?. The pathing is correct. The folder name is correct. The version I have are the latest. ....just not sure
  12. RMMV Dragonbones & Yanfly - Conflict Solution

    Hi everyone, after having some issues with the dragonbones integration plugin made by Yanfly in a complex project and after several test made to resolve the conflict, I publish this thread to help the community in the case that somebody in future may have the same bug. I am not a forum expert...
  13. RMMV Dragonbone Sprite Stuck in 1 frame

    Hi everyone, I took a dragonbones sprite that works correctly in an "almost-empty" project. It does work. It's in dragonbones version 5.0, all the yanfly plugins are put in correct order and in the test project, it works. Then I put the same sprite in the dragonbones asset of the game I am...
  14. Inuminni

    RMMV Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'data' of undefined (Dragonbones) [MV]

    I've been trying to install and get the Dragonbones integration plugin to work, and every time I try I get either this error or uncaught error: argument error. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. Link to plugin: http://www.yanfly.moe/wiki/Dragonbones_Integration_(YEP)
  15. RMMV Dragonbones Integration - Bug

    Hi everyone, I just solved a problem (Thank you Restart ) about install properly the dragonbones plugin of Yanfly, getting the correct files into the lbs directory, changed the index.html according to the instructions and everything should work. My art director just sent me a battler made with...
  16. AtreyuScott

    RMMV Uncaught Type Error: Cannot read property Data of undefined

    I've recently tried getting dragonbones to work, i installed the plugins verbatim from a tutorial that had good reviews and im having trouble, maybe because I'm using MV3D? anyway heres the console and my plugins: Thanks in advance! Edit: I think its important that I say that I've been...
  17. Azure_Sinbad

    Help with Yanfly Plugins Animated SV Enemies, Dragonbones and Action Sequence Pack 3

    Hi people, Looking for help with 2 separate issues I'm having with these plugins, first up; In battle when my enemies are going to attack, if I have them animated to run right right up to my party, if there is any overlap between the two, my enemy will be beneath my party characters instead of...
  18. Problem with android export.(uncaught error: argument error)

    I finished my game and it worked every time in playtest and on PC with the .exe. Then i tried to export to android (.apk), i'm a totally noob so i followed this guide https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/exporting-to-android-mv-android-client.84971/. The .apk was created succefully...
  19. aramouta

    Irina_DragonbonesMapSprites Is not working help..... please....

    I just recently bought Irina's dragonbones map sprite plugin, and I installed it on a fresh project on version 1.6.2 to test it out but it doesnt seem to work on even fresh project with nothing but yanfly core and kelyep dragonbones which are the required plugins... Am I doing something wrong or...
  20. SideView Battler Move sprite Back

    Hi , is there any way to move make the sprite be more to the back? I am using DragonBones and RPGMaker MV Thanks

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