1. SwiftIllusion

    Slime Battler archetypes - animated via DragonBones

    Below is a set of basic Slime Battler archetypes, created from static battlers by Ækashics. These were animated for use with the DragonBones plugin by TheGreenKel, with Action Sequence compatibility thanks to the collaboration with Yanfly. Note: Included in the download is a set of action...
  2. Arcanus

    Arcanus Animated RTP Battlers: RTP24-Marsha Released! (Battlers Count:2)

    Arcanus RTP Dragonbones Battlers (WARNING: Contains Heavy Images) Creator's Log 8/19/2017 - RTP01-Harold - Released 8/24/2017 - RTP24-Marsha - Released 8/26/2017 - RTP09 - Animating... Hi, I'm Arcanus. I'm new to the forum but I'm familiar with RPG Maker Series for years now. I want to share...
  3. TheGreenKel

    [RMMV] DragonBones 2d Animation Integration

    2D Skeletal Animation with DragonBones 1.0.0 TheGreenKel Introduction DragonBones is a free 2D animation tool similar to Spine 2D. DragonBones also has a couple of libraries that allows it to play inside of game engines. This plugin integrate the full Javascript libraries and support all...
  4. ShadowHawkDragon

    Shades of Battler, Animated (321), DragonBones (107)

    Welcome to Shades of Battler, brought to you by the Hawk of a Dragon who lurks in shadows. I am here to bring forth unique battlers of different shades, from funky mushroom warriors to ferocious beasts. If you like my work feel free to follow me on DeviantArt or support me on every...

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