1. Broozer

    Dragonbones Integrated error

    So I've been struggling a few hours with Dragonbones, trying to get it to work, and at last I thought I had succes. I no longer had the undefined argument error, so I was pretty thrilled. I know for a fact it works because of the demo that worked successfully, but then this happened, and I don't...
  2. Chef

    Gold burst on map

    Good evening, I was wondering if somebody knows how to pull off a gold burst like in the Lego games, SteamWorld Dig 2 or Treasurenauts? I already got working coins (on map) with animations and sound, but I would like to make some (or all) burst into smaller coins. Lucky enough such a tileset...
  3. GenoGold

    Dragonbones errors

    So Ive been trying to get dragonbones to work but i keep getting these errors. I want to be able to use dragonbone enemies to add a depth of coolness to my rpg I have images for The error, the plugins, the Libs folder and the java code. I also cant get the dragonbones demo to work, creating...
  4. Kenvarus

    Android and DragonBones

    Hey so pretty new to everything and I figured id mess with testing my project on my phone (it works perfectly on PC) and i wanted to see how it winds up working on android. so I followed this guide and when i ran the APK on my phone I get the message "Error Uncaught ReferenceError: dragonbones...
  5. RPG Maker MV Dragonbones enemies facing wrong way

    So I've just downloaded dragonbones and when i play a test battle with the enemies they face left. I'm trying to make a side view game and I've seen the enemies face right (towards the players) in pictures, I'm not sure what the issue is and if there is any fix that would be greatly apperciated...
  6. Buitzern Aldo

    Change Dragonbones Resources in Battle

    Hello, Since last month I've tried to make a sample project using RPG Maker MV integrated to Dragonbones (I use YEP.150 – DragonBones Integration – RPG Maker MV). I wonder if i can change my resources for Dragonbones in map or inside battle just like "Tips & Trick - Actor Transformations - RPG...
  7. Dragonbones help please

    Anyone know to use Dragonbones? I need some help on how to use it. I converted a gif file into a sprite sheet and now I want to incorporate the sprite sheet as a sideview battler. Can anyone help?
  8. DragonBones

    I feel like such an idiot to keep asking questions. So I've recently tried out the DragonBones plugin and I've followed the instructions to install and the Plugin just refuses to work. I was using the 1.5.2 build but have just updated to the latest Beta and keep getting this message:
  9. Tea++


    How to use Dragon bones Hey guys! Check it out, here is a real really easy way to learn how to use Dragonbones animations. This 3 minute tutorial, really takes the pain out of it. :D Relevant links: http://www.akashics.moe/uncategorized/librarium-dragonbones-animated-megapack/...
  10. Tonedawg181

    SOLVED!! Dragonbones Breaks Animations of Non-Dragonbone SV Enemies.

    Engine: RPG Maker MV v1.5.0 Problematic Plugin: KELYEP_DragonBones v1.05 & YEP_X_AnimatedSVEnemies working together. UPDATE: Scroll down to the first comment in the comments section of this post if you have this same problem! I have fixed it!!!! Ok, so I'm using yanfly's animated sv enemies...
  11. SickJoe

    DragonBone Battler exists in fight, but no images show up.

    Hello. I followed along with the setup as listed, as well as checked out the demo and how the notetags were setup in there. But the first few times I tried to test the Battle it gave me an error about an unsupported version. So I re-exported my assets in DragonBone as the different Data Configs...
  12. MushReen

    Will DragonBones Integration Plugin works well to allies?

    Hello! I have a question. So as you know, Yanfly has a plugin which allows DragonBones to work with RMMV. (http://yanfly.moe/2017/08/04/yep-150-dragonbones-integration-rpg-maker-mv-2/) In the preview video, DragonBones Integration Plugin is able to change the enemy's animation. I wonder if it...
  13. Xenocidal

    Dragonbones integration error

    Hey guys, I wonder if I am the only one who has had this issue since I cannot find any threads that discuss the particular issue that I am having. I try to play my game after installing the dragonbones software but for some reason I keep getting the same error. I have double and triple checked...
  14. SwiftIllusion

    Slime Battler archetypes - animated via DragonBones

    Below is a set of basic Slime Battler archetypes, created from static battlers by Ækashics. These were animated for use with the DragonBones plugin by TheGreenKel, with Action Sequence compatibility thanks to the collaboration with Yanfly. Note: Included in the download is a set of action...
  15. Arcanus

    Arcanus Animated RTP Battlers: RTP24-Marsha Released! (Battlers Count:2)

    Arcanus RTP Dragonbones Battlers (WARNING: Contains Heavy Images) Creator's Log 8/19/2017 - RTP01-Harold - Released 8/24/2017 - RTP24-Marsha - Released 8/26/2017 - RTP09 - Animating... Hi, I'm Arcanus. I'm new to the forum but I'm familiar with RPG Maker Series for years now. I want to share...
  16. TheGreenKel

    [RMMV] DragonBones 2d Animation Integration

    2D Skeletal Animation with DragonBones 1.0.0 TheGreenKel Introduction DragonBones is a free 2D animation tool similar to Spine 2D. DragonBones also has a couple of libraries that allows it to play inside of game engines. This plugin integrate the full Javascript libraries and support all...
  17. ShadowHawkDragon

    Shades of Battler, Animated (405), DragonBones (198)

    Welcome to Shades of Battler, brought to you by the Hawk of a Dragon who lurks in shadows. I am here to bring forth unique battlers of different shades, from funky mushroom warriors to ferocious beasts. If you like my work feel free to follow me on DeviantArt. Latest Battlers To view the latest...

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