1. dragonpc

    Gen Piece (Cyborg,Hood),Custom (Icons*, Windows, Merchant Buttons) *Update 12/05/15

    Icons, Windows, Merchant Buttons -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Colaboration: DragonPC / Yanfly Older Version: My Windows and Merchant Buttons. A couple more Windows. (kinda sci-fi) A Set of windows in 18 colors...
  2. dragonpc


    ItemBook V1.4a by Skotty TV Introduction ItemBook is a Plugin to show the items you have collected through your adventures! (and thier stats, abilities, skills, etc.. that they have attached to them. Features Previous Updates  * - Decide if items will get an entry automaticly when they...
  3. dragonpc

    EnemyBook V1.4 SkottyTV/DragonPC

    EnemyBook v1.4a! Creator name  - Yoji Ojima (original)  - SkottyTV / DragonPC (updates) Introduction Improves the Default EnemyBook by leaps and bounds! Features: Screenshots How to Use Download from link and put it in your .../js/plugins folder. open plugin and choose what you want...
  4. dragonpc

    ItemBook v1.3

    ItemBook v1.03 + SkottyTV Update 03 Creator Name: Yoji Ojima (Compatibility with YEP) / + SkottyTV (thx to DragonPC)   Introduction Displays detailed status of items.   Features  * - Decide if items will get an entry automatically when they collected!  * - Decide how many items appear...
  5. dragonpc

    EnemyBook v1.3 - SkottyTV + DragonPC

    EnemyBook v1.3a Creator name  - Yoji Ojima (Compatibility with YEP) / + SkottyTV (thx to DragonPC) Introduction Improves the Default EnemyBook. Features: * SkottyTV Update 1 ->  *    * - Decide if enemys will get an entry automaticly when they appear/transform!  * - Now you can add...

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