1. Telemindred

    In need of sprites, battlers and tilesets

    Resource Type: Character, Monster and Animal Sprites. Monster Battlers. More Tilesets. Maker Format: RPGVX Ace Makers I Own: RPGVX Ace Art Style: Ace's art style as a base, but with an original flare to it. Description: I'm in need of certain sprites, battlers and tilesets. The base style I...
  2. Nelneo


    Going back to drawing back. And my netbook has totally broken
  3. kyonides

    Old Fashion Races

    I know somebody else came before to ask you about the races present in your games. That thread might be similar but this one will focus on something else. Are the old fashion races bad for a modern RPG or JRPG or ARPG? I mean, including humans, orcs, dragons, elves and the like in your projects...
  4. RMVXA The Relics of Oobria

    This is my VERY FIRST project. Please give me ANY feedback the good AND the bad so I can continue to grow. If there are any mistakes in the game demo please let me know ASAP. I MIGHT have overlooked something in the process. The Relics of Oobria SECTION A: SYNOPSIS...
  5. Zephyrsword

    RMXP Meta Revelations - Ring Spirits

    "It all begins and ends with a song of Order and Chaos." ~ Lyria Sylvane, Lizardsin of the North The Story:- Game Details/History:- I'm not really a game designer, but for the longest time I've wanted to get a story of mine out...
  6. lCHOKSl

    Help Urgent to take questions

    Hello everyone, I am new here and I am new to the RPG Maker engine. I recently bought the RPG MAKER MV and I have an excellent game idea to create but I have a lot of doubts and I would like to know if you would help me? my doubts are: 1-Where do I get good scripts to by in my game? 2-How do...
  7. TWings

    RMMV [RPG] Galdmaril (Alpha demo available)

    Here's a short preview on the project I've been working on since august 2017. It's my first RPG, based on my ideas, various stuff and some of the games I enjoyed from the last 30 years. Since I'm not really good on design, it's still heavily using RTP. Pretty much everything is still work in...
  8. Lord Vectra

    Vectra's Roleplay Capital

    RolePlay Capital It is a server made for roleplays. There is another DnD that is ready-to-play but doesn't have an advertisement yet. Additionally, anyone who join the server may also create their own roleplay in my server if they would like to. Current most popular of the players is "Dungeons...
  9. Lynvia

    Lynvia's Graphics Stop - Tall Sprite and Dragon Generator Parts etc

    Terms of Use & Credit Credit: Lynvia and Kadokawa as much of this is edits of RTP, also HiddenOne for the tall sprites Non-Commercial: free Commercial: free, I'd like a free copy of your game! Repost: No, but you can put a link to this topic. Edits: allowed, but PM me. I'd like to include other...
  10. Sideview Dragons

    hi guys im currently working on a game which has a dragon transformation skill so basically the actor transforms into a dragon the problem is i cant find any sideview dragons for combat at all  would be really nice if anyone has something like that :) i dont really care how the dragons...
  11. Drogo

    Game Of Thrones: Fire & Blood

    Game Of Thrones: Fire & Blood   This is my first ever RPG game that i have created and that of which i have published. It is just a demo version the game lasts for about 10 to 15 minutes maybe less depending on whether you feel like grinding. It follows the popular TV show Game...
  12. BeardBro

    A Guide to Slaying Dragons

    (Disclaimer: this post has mature content that may or may not be suitable for all viewers!)   Prologue I know exactly what you're thinking right now. You're thinking, "Wow, the warrior in that picture is fearsome, majestic, elegant, manly, ferocious, manly, daring, manly, brave, and...
  13. whtdragon

    whtdragon's animals and running horses- now with more dragons!

    Christmas comes early this year and I've got one doozy of a present for everyone here. I noticed when looking at the default resources in MV that there was an unusually small amount of animals--a smaller amount then most of the other RPG makers, and that will simply not do. I took a look at...
  14. D&D 5e game mechanics.

    Hi guys, I'm completely new to rpgmaker and I'm looking at creating a game that uses the 5e mechanics in combat and out of combat. This is probably a huge undertaking I know, but it means I can create the sort of game I want but never see in the stores. If there is something I can download so...
  15. Indrah

    In Search of Clues

    ----------- In Search of Clues is an Adventure/Comedy game. It has no combat, only interaction and a few puzzles. The complete game lasts around 20 minutes. In Search of Clues is a direct prequel to In Search of Dragons, which you can find over here. Screenshots: Plase...
  16. Indrah

    In Search of Dragons

    This game belongs to the Arum world [the RM Universe]. In Search for Dragons got second place in the VXACE NUGGET CRASH COURSE contest over at RMN! Demo download: (demo version 3 (fixed), without RTP) (yes yes, the title here is not fixed, I know, I haven't had the time! It'll be for the...

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