1. Creating a solo drain and heal skill

    Hey guys :3 I need some help with creating a very specific skill im RMMV, which definitely needs some plugins. I had some ideas to use yanfly's Skill Core and damage core plugin lunatic modes to create this and maybe the Target Core and Selection Control Plugin but don't know how to realize it...
  2. S.Court

    Changing drain formula

    Hello, I'd like to implement something in my project related with the drain value the attacker receives. I'd like target's Luck reduces the damage percentage the caster recover, I think the key to modify this is in Game_ActionResult scripts def make_damage(value, item) @critical = false if...
  3. Emperor DragonBreath

    TP Damage/Drain

    Just as the title implies, is there any plugin that allows a skill to drain TP, because one of my games has a boss named Irma who has a move called Greed, since she's the manifestation of greed, that is supposed to allow her to steal your party's TP and add it to her own.
  4. Blair Pendragon

    Drain HP state

    I usually find work arounds for most things, but currently I'm looking to mimic the effect of giving a party member a "Drain HP" effect mid combat, to all abilities. For now, Im going to settle for something different. (I'm going to try my hardest to not use any plugins. Half the time I'm told...
  5. Kevin Eontrainer

    Element Attract (Lightning Rod/ Storm Drain)

    Hello everyone! I'm not sure this is possible to do without script, but here goes: If you guys familiar with Pkmn games, there are abilities like Lightning Rod that redirects all Electric element skills used by all battlers on the field (including allies) unless when the target scope is...
  6. Nirwanda

    Drain only recovers a % of the damage it does

    Like the title says I'd like to create a drain spell that only heals for a percentage of the damage it does and haven't found a script that does it. Can this be done? I'll be very thankful if you could help me.
  7. Alistair

    Zombie/Vampiric State

    ~ Zombie  & Vampiric State/Equipment~ by Alistair   For the latest updates please visit my blog. This is merely an introduction topic.     This Plugin will allow you to use notetags to create Zombie and Vampiric States. To quickly explain these two: Zombie will turn Healing into Damage (and the...
  8. Jeneeus Guruman

    Damage Drain/Recoil Rate

    Special Parameter: Drain/Recoil Rate Version: 1.1.0 By Jeneeus Guruman Introduction This plugin allows to include a state that will PASSIVELY drains a percentage of damage based on the damage dealt to the target as long as the one that has a drain rate parameter. Features Every damage given...
  9. Final_zero

    Drain to all players

    Hello  Ive looked everywhere for a answer to this and found nothing. I want a skill that is a hp drain on all enemy with all players receiving it,  So for instance  3 monsters apeared Paula is ready for battle lewis is ready for battle christian is ready for battle krysta is ready for...
  10. dinhbat3

    Drain for Party

    I am attempting to make a skill that does the following: 1. Does X amount of damage to an enemy. 2. Restores X/Y amount of HP to all allies (Y is the number of party members.. I.E. I want it to be divided evenly between the party) 3. Shows the HP restore value with Yanfly's Battle Engine...

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