draw this again

  1. Caitlin

    Draw This Again: Pixel Edition

    We've all started out as newbies, pixel so bad that our eyes bleed just looking at them, but we do not give up. no, we push on and continue to do our best.  I thought that we needed a 'pixel this again' meme, where you take an old graphic and redo it only much better than you did the first...
  2. Archeia

    Draw This Again!

    Original By: Bampire   This is a fun challenge and to see how much you improved over the course of the years (or months...or weeks...). Why not try it out?

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Your profile pic's face is my current mood.
tfw you're turning old af concept art into a workable game asset (ΦωΦ)


Working on its arm and other leg. boy oh boy getting this thing to move is going to be *fun*
Hi everyone, thanks for reading :kaoswt:
I have a channel for you, An RPG MAKER MV plugin tutorial on YouTube:kaojoy:
Any supports'll be appreciated and I hope you have a great day:wink:
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Went to the doctor because I was actually sick and it was covered over with healthy people from a factory shift who all had to get negative covid tests to go back to work because one of their shift mates got it. Waited for several hours to find out that my low-grade fever, chills, light-headedness and fatigue were in fact covid...

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