1. RickelmiArtist

    Rickelmi Gallery

    I am an artist that is always wanting to improve, hope you guys like my artwork.
  2. mishakoc

    Drawing character busts

    Hello! (Hopefully, I posted in the right forum, I wasn't sure where this topic belonged but general discussion seems to be the closest.) I've been drawing a lot of character busts lately and came across a slight problem which I hope someone here can help with, give some pointers or opinions on...
  3. Animations on top of window in Front View

    I'm using Yanfly's battle status menu plugin (MV) in a front view game . That plugin has an option to turn enemy attack animations on (they are usually not visible in front view systems). I want the enemy attack animations to play on top of my actor's face portraits in the battle menu, but...
  4. Anchovy

    3/4 View References?

    This whole 3/4 perspective is tripping me up. Does anyone know of any good resources for referencing 3/4 view animals? Something like Sim Park, but not isometric. I keep drawing frontal view sprites, and I know they're not going to mesh well with 3/4 view plants and buildings.
  5. Kunaired


    I want to share my art with you guys I will add more different kind of samples. :D I hope you like it! :barf: [/SPOILER]
  6. Naveed

    Navash Sketchpad

    Navash Sketchpad Latest Version: v1.00 Introduction and Features: This plugin introduces a new Sketchpad scene. This scene allows the player to freely draw on the screen using touch controls. As the expected use is with a touch interface, the entire scene uses only touch controls to operate...
  7. EpicFILE

    EpicFILE Drawing Stuff

    Hello, hello! Welcome to EpicFILE Drawing Stuff! I'm gonna posting my works here just for fun. Before Sunset: An urban fighter takes a time to enjoy himself after a fight. (looks like he survived the fight without any scratch) Here's the high quality version Thank you for dropping by! :D
  8. KimiRaven

    Drawing character clothes

    Anyone willing to share a tips?
  9. Leanne

    A Challenge to Self: Inktober 2017! \(*O*)/ ~ <3

    Heyaaa~! *O*)/ Leanne here and welcome to this thread~! ;) I've been seeing lotsa art posts regarding "Inktober" where people draw traditionally using ballpen, water brush pen, marker and other "ink" medias. Jake Parker was the first one to start this trend. His goal was to improve his inking...
  10. Arisa

    Good drawing programs~

    I've seen people ask about good drawing software plenty of times before, so I decided I'd compile up what I've used in the past, and what I currently use. Feel free to suggest something to add to the list! :ohappy::ohappy::ohappy: 1) Paint Tool Sai I still don't quite understand everything...
  11. Goddiga

    Angel & Demon's Pictures + Emotions

    [Temporarily Closed] I already have the design. But, the previous artist was too busy to finish the work. So, I'd like some help for the picture. Resource Type: Character Pictures + Emotions (From head to thigh) Maker Format: Ace Art Style: Japanese.. Manga.. Your own drawing.. Visual novel...
  12. Parallax Position and Image Problems

    The maps I'm making are all hand drawn by myself in a paint program. All of the tiles and such were made to fit a 32x32 grid, but when it loads into rpg maker, it's not fit to the grid correctly. Is there a way I can just move the image in order to make it fit? Secondly, when playtesting the...
  13. Nantas

    MV - Character poses, busts... with a base !

    Hey there ! :rhappy: I need some graphics for my project on RPG MAKER MV. It would be for my main character, Nantas. I need some poses for him, because the generator doesn't allow to create some poses. You can work with the graphics of my character as a base to help you with it ! :rwink: Just...
  14. Zackleaynts

    Teach me. How to start learning to become a Jack-of-all-trades in RPG Making?

    Hello, everyone. Please guide me. Okay, straight to the point. I've decided to go back to game making. Using RPG Maker. Even though this is at the moment a hobby and a past time taking a small portion of my free time, I hope to turn it into a life-long career someday. I have no helper at the...
  15. ObsidianTrance

    How Important is Artwork?

    I've been wondering this question and no better place than to ask unless among people developing a game. Is the artwork important as part of your game in adding an important element such as music, gameplay and story? Does it not matter when you have facesets and generator provided for you...
  16. Gabrelik

    Need advice on drawing tablet

    Hi! I'm trying to track down a good tablet to begin work on a custom tileset for MV. I would love to hear any recommendations from people who have some experience with this? I'm an established artist, but I'm a charcoal or Prismacolor guy; haven't worked digitally much. I've done some...
  17. Mikleo

    Newbie Drawing

    Hm, I just browsed through this Art Category and saw a bunch of awesome drawings/sketches/colorings. I'm quite a newbie in drawing actually. I mean, sure, when I was a kid, I had drawn plenty of stick figures (you could say I'm naturally not talented like some people). Drawing or Coloring...
  18. Is there a faster way to create charsets?

    I need about 100 different characters for my 1 hour long game. Just making 12 of these has taken me about 10 hours in graphics gale. Is there something I'm missing? I feel like I'm way below the average person in the art department. Is there a better program to use?
  19. Hyreal

    Character Art

    Sorry if I am not allowed to ask this here but it is related to my RPG maker MV game. Just wondering if anyone knows someone who would be able to do some paid commission work to draw me 8 characters for my game to use as bust pictures in conversations and face portraits for the menu/battle...
  20. Jskonta79

    Concept for a few bosses for my game.

    I'm not the best artist lol, what do you guys think? From Top to Bottom: What they have all in common is the fact that the White Dragon has been recruiting young people in Japan, along with other areas to build up an empire of their own after taking over Japan. The virus that was created...

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