1. PrideOfTheForbidion

    compo, import your own art?

    Hi guys just wondering if anyone's used compo, thinking about getting it, I'll have a look at the demo latter, though I want to know if you can use it with your own art, I already draw my own manga, but this would be a help if I can use my own art in it
  2. woop

    Art by woop

    Hey guys! I've been a long time lurker, but I'm looking to be more active on the forums, so I'd like to show you some of my art. I'm a freelance artist by trade and I like to use watercolors and ink. Here are some personal favorites I've made. Gift Slice Poisonous Spell Chicken...
  3. Devselia

    Art Shmart

    I couldn't think of a clever title ^^; anyways from sketches to finished, I'll post my art here. I like drawing many things, but I do have an affinity for horror and fantasy. If I ever draw anything that would be higher than a G rating or risqué I'll put it in the spoiler thing and mark it...
  4. Eliel Micmás

    Eliel's Art Gallery

    ELIEL'S ARTWORKS 'Cause I love big titles written in cool typesets. Hello! I'm Eliel Micmás, a traditional artist mainly working with personal concept art and character design. I guess it wouldn't hurt to share some of my drawings here, so here we goooooo! *Mario voice deactivated*
  5. Alonaria

    Alonaria's Speedpaints and Art and Stuff

    Hi there~ You probably don't know me because I'm more of a lurk-y member than anything else, but I thought I'd try posting some of my work on here. Also, if you wouldn't mind responding to the poll, then I would really appreciate it~ :)   Open up the gallery and check it out! XD...
  6. ObsidianTrance

    ObsidianTrance Arte

    Hello RPG Maker community! Decided to share my artwork with all the other creators here, and possibly down the line, try out some sprites as well. Thus far most my work is centered on personal projects I'm working on, but there may be some randoms where and there. I mainly do character...
  7. OldPat

    OldPat's Art & Stuff

    Hi, everyone! I wanted to post here some of my artworks. Drawings and things like that mostly. I'm still a novice, so any advices and/or critiques will be highly appreciated. I'll start with a quick sketch that took me forever because I, stupid me, started to add details like a mad man...
  8. Mephisto

    [portraitx4] Would like some help with 4 drawings.

    Good morning everyone... here i come with a very hard request... I have 4 drawings that i made for a proyect in course, the thing is that none of my team, or i, know how to photoshop them or something, so we could use the "digital" drawings. In other words... I have 4 drawings, and i would...
  9. Palsa

    Palsa's Workshop

    I figured that I should go ahead and make a thread for my personal works, hope you like them. :) Most of what I will be posting in here is work in progresses of my artworks for my story concepts and games, I will also try to post my 3D models and writing; but please bear in mind, that I'm a...

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