1. Soryuju

    MV Won’t Start After Windows Update

    I just ran a Windows update on my PC, and now MV 1.6.1 won’t open at all. When I try to open a project via my desktop, file explorer, or even Steam, it just comes up with a white screen which closes itself after a few seconds. Some background: I’d previously been experiencing extremely...
  2. Reapergurl

    Plugin wars? Which is better? Does it matter?

    It has occurred to me on more than one occasion that some plugins and drivers may be better suited than others, but I've always wondered if it is true or not... I have DirectX, and OpenGL, but I wonder if either one is better than the other... Anyone have any thoughts on this?
  3. Seriel

    White Screen Fix (Driver Update)

    If you load MV and you get a white screen, open the start menu and type System Information (Or type msinfo32 into a Run dialog). Go to Components -> Display. Where it says name, what does it say? If it says "Microsoft Basic Display Adapter" or "Standard VGA Graphics Adapter", then this fix is...

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