1. Hollow 1977


    I just had an incident where I nearly hit a pedestrian who was daring to cross the street. I was inches from hitting him. It's amazing to me how risky some people can be. Is it really worth it to try to jaywalk thru traffic. This street also has a number of crosswalks. Push a button, wait for...
  2. tylerash

    Simple parkable/reboardable land vehicle through events

    For anyone trying to use land vehicles in their game, I realized there's a very simple way to get the same effect as the built-in vehicle feature without any scripting in just a couple event pages. Page 1 is the idle vehicle without anyone driving it. Activating it plays a little animation of...
  3. Lantiz

    Car driving

    Ok, so... I looked around and could not find a topic similar to what I need. I want to create a game in RPG Maker MV with car driving mechanics, and driving will be really important. The past few days I've been thinking and testing but I could not come up with a decent idea. So I'm here to ask...
  4. Hollow 1977

    Driving Me Crazy - Bus Addition

    First let me say I don't have kids out of my own preference but I still yearn for their safety. I was running a little late for work this morning and of course I get to the bus and have wait about 5-10minutes for the bus to pull out. After a few minutes I get honked at then a car pulls around me...
  5. Hollow 1977

    Driving Me Crazy

    As the title implies this thread is about those drivers that are reckless and cause lots of accidents. They cut you off, pull out in front of you and even run lights or tailgate you. So I would to ask you about your experiences with reckless drivers and does it seem today that it is worse or is...
  6. OZiO

    The Man Of Many Questions

    Hey guys, Long time lurker, first time poster. I have a 4 Legthy questions that are significant for my game to work, but what I'm looking for really is to know "is this possible within the engine?" Sorry if you guys get stuff like this a lot.  1) I'm making a modern city rpg game with...
  7. Car driving script request/question (GTA Style)

    Hi everyone i was wondering if anyone could help me  :)   Im looking for a way to make a car in RPG maker VX ACE to have acceleration, Brakes and smooth turning i know using some Victor Ace scripts i can get multiple frames for the wheels but i was wondering if anyone has a way to make a...

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