1. samiam11

    Can MV run on Steam's offline mode indefinitely? Steam stopped OSX 10.10 support...

    Since this isn't a bug or issue with RPG Maker MV itself, I decided to post under "all makers" instead. I cannot afford to update my Mac to El Capitan or higher because I know that other software that are important to me will stop working if I do (and ironically the Steam client has been...
  2. DHazard

    DRM vs. DRM-Free?

    So, I've been looking into this lately, and it looks like a lot of independent developers are opting to go for the DRM-Free option when they sell their titles. Sometimes it's jus that you get a DRM-Free copy regardless of the purchase price, and sometimes it's that you have to pay a little extra...

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I've been pretty busy working on my Might and Magic inspired project. I've got the code for instructors in place, and I just finished up with the trap and resistance tests. The project is going very smoothly. I'm also learning more about Javascript which is helping out a lot. Arrays, they are your best friend!
Did some animated message faces. But why not animate menu faces too?

Confession: I don't know how to make a custom intro screen. I've tried a plugin, but I want...something more. Something dynamic!
Looking forward to messing around with MZ when it comes out in little over a week. Anyone else amped? What's the first thing you're gonna look at/try to do?

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