1. samiam11

    Can MV run on Steam's offline mode indefinitely? Steam stopped OSX 10.10 support...

    Since this isn't a bug or issue with RPG Maker MV itself, I decided to post under "all makers" instead. I cannot afford to update my Mac to El Capitan or higher because I know that other software that are important to me will stop working if I do (and ironically the Steam client has been...
  2. In MV What Are Each of the Multiple Installers For?

    When I purchase RPG Maker MV there were several downloads as well. I used my license key to upgrade from the trial version, so what are these exta installs for. The install screen for each of these say RPG Maker MV, as what they're installing, so I don't know what each specifically does. The...
  3. Zero_Soul

    Steam version VS Non Steam version

    Hey everyone ! How are you ? Hope you're doing great ! Say, I was wondering what would you rather do: Install the RPG Maker MV through Steam or from outside steam from the setup file on the email link ? Is there even any difference ? Would be glad to know your opinion !
  4. Engr. Adiktuzmiko

    DRM mostly used by BMT users

    For users that use BMT micro to sell their products: which DRM do you use? I've been looking at the BMT site and it says it supports: Armadillo (can't find it), WinLicense and ExeShield + your own DRM
  5. SomaelCK

    Please suggest me a good DRM software.

    Having considered the thread I made not long ago about including DRM, me and my artist finally decided to include DRM in our first commercial game (to keep honest player honest, as Shaz said). But we don't know which one is suitable for me. I am total green horn when it comes to that. :(...
  6. DHazard

    DRM vs. DRM-Free?

    So, I've been looking into this lately, and it looks like a lot of independent developers are opting to go for the DRM-Free option when they sell their titles. Sometimes it's jus that you get a DRM-Free copy regardless of the purchase price, and sometimes it's that you have to pay a little extra...
  7. Mitchell

    COGEN DRM (Important, Please Read)

    Hey Everyone, I just wanted to apologize for the delay in fixing the CogenDRM issues. We have been working on them but unfortunately they are a lot more complicated than we thought. But, we have some good news. We will be releasing all new builds of our products featuring a new (and...
  8. Helladen


    The program errors on me whenever I load it up. I've tried installing it many different ways and it still is causing this error to pop up. http://screencast.com/t/lsEn082r8yfj

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