1. Poryg

    #6 - clickable buttons, mouse handling, drag & drop

    Hello, fellow rpg makers! Part 6 of the tutorial series needs no introduction. So many people like button menus, so many want real-time mouse handling... And surprisingly enough, it's not that difficult! Required: An IDE (some of the most popular ones are Atom, Sublime text 2, Visual Studio...
  2. Xina

    Weird Loot Drop Glitch

    Hi everyone! I am having a very bizarre glitch where enemies drop 7 of everything. As an example, one enemy is set up with a drop rate of Meat: 1/1 but then will drop 7 meat after winning the battle. (Please note there is only 1 enemy in the troop, so it is not multiplying the loot by the...
  3. AdamSakuru

    YEP CoreEngine + YEP Victory Aftermath: Omit Item Drop if Item's Maxed Out

    http://yanfly.moe/2015/10/09/yep-1-core-engine/ http://yanfly.moe/2015/10/13/yep-7-victory-aftermath/ If you choose to set a maximum amount of items/armours/etc. you can hold for each (with the note-tag "<Max Item: x>", etc.) you'll still 'receive' maxed out items/armours/etc. during the...
  4. Quanee

    Yanfly victory aftermath - Drops window

    Hello, I'm trying to tweak Yanfly's plugin parameters a bit to get my desired treasure/loot effect in work, but I can't find exact lines in .js file that would help me to do so. Below I'm attaching a pic of what my current settings look like. What I want to achieve is having only one column of...
  5. Quanee

    Battle result request/help

    Hi, After few days of digging into Yanfly's Victory Aftermath and Moghunter's battle result plugins I came to conclusion that it's beyond me to set either of them the way I want. I have come close with Mog's one, but in order to do certain things I'd need to re-write some stuff which I sadly...
  6. Dropping objects to block path

    I'm currently working on a project where a monster is chasing the main character through a labirinth. I would like to make script (or an event mechanism), if the player pushes a button then automatically drops an object - or an item from his inventory - just front of himself to block the...
  7. tale

    Enemy Drop Expansion

    Enemy Drop Expansion 2014/11/01 Creator name: VIPArcher Introduction This script allows more drops from enemies. Instructions: Put <drops kind ID X%> inside enemy's Note field Which kind: i => Item w => Weapons a => Armors ID: Item number index X: probability (example, 5 is 5%) Example...
  8. Black Mamba

    Visual Drop/Loot Animation in-battle

    i want a system when you kill the enemy they really drop from him, show a animation with Icon from iconset or predefined pictures bounce in the ground and desapear, and show in corner of the screen loot/drop names examples: i made a mockup here:
  9. Inventory Management

    I'm trying to figure out some good Inventory Management systems. I'm using Trivel's Limited Inventory plugin for limiting inventory space. My problem right now is that I can't figure out any good way to drop items if your inventory is full. 
  10. Alistair

    Gold rate / Drop rate

    ~ Gold  & Drop Rate~ by Alistair   For the latest updates please visit my blog. This is merely an introduction topic.   By default, the editor only allows the party to have a "Double Item Rate" and "Double Gold" flag. This flag does not stack. There is an experience rate but...
  11. Hawkadium

    More Drops from a Monster

    I noticed we are only able to add three different item drops per monster.  Is there a way to change this? Thank You,
  12. cellicom

    [Request] Multi Drop with Drop Rate

    Hello to all, I did a search but could not find anything about . Someone has already developed (or have in mind to develop) a plugin that allows the enemy to release many more drop ignoring the original drop system exept gold and exp? I accept any suggestion and help and support by a scripter...
  13. Musashi

    Drop Items Conditions

    Drop Items Conditions v1.03 Musashii Introduction: Allows you to define conditions for certain items to drop using formulas.   How to Use: Use the notetag <DropRestriction: formula> inside Items, Weapons or Armors notes. You can also change/set/cancel drop conditions for determined enemies...
  14. PathosFear

    Request: Plugin that lets me set conditions for certain drops!

    Hey, I'm sorry if this is covered elsewhere. I did a few searches but, it's tricky to try and figure out what other pople would think of to "name" the problem. Anyway, I need a plugin that lets you set conditions for certain items to drop. Say, I want all enemies to drop their souls if special...
  15. Malagar

    Galv's Random Loot v1.4

    Hi, First things first: This script was not written by me, it's a script by Galv. I got his permission to slightly modify and re-distribute the script with some minor adjustments. Original credit goes to Galv, I merely did some tiny changes. You can find the most recent script version (1.4)...
  16. Mr. Trivel

    Conditional Drops

    Author: Mr. Trivel Name: Conditional Drops Created: 2014-10-03 Version: 1.1   What does it do? Allows enemies drop an extra item if a condition is fulfilled. (killing it with elemental attack, or having some state on death, etc) Enemies can have multiple conditional drops and different...
  17. Ssozi

    Specific Drop

    Hi everybody, A long time ago, someone requested me a script and here I am ! I share it with everybody.   Specific Drop I've no image to describe this, sorry The script is here, and he allows you to have a specific drop when you kill enemy A with skill B. For those who use the Victory...

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