1. Heirukichi

    RMVXA Records in Blue

    "Sometimes we wonder how different life would have been, had we found ourselves stranded and forced to walk a certain path. What, cut off from our standards of normalcy for long enough, would the new normal become? Cultures that started as one and the same, through parallel evolution, become...
  2. TetsuyaHikari

    How to make a mini map for a dungeon RPG?

    I've looked through multiple threads about mini maps and such, but they're all for third person RPGs. I have no idea how to go about making a mini map for my own game (or even just a map that can be displayed through a script call). Here is how my interface looks: It would be nice if the...
  3. TetsuyaHikari

    Project Excellus v1.02 demo

    I'm not entirely sure how many fans we have around here which enjoy games like Wizardry (or first person dungeon RPGs in general), but I've been working on one for the past few months now. Long story short, my HDD bit the dust because of a nasty virus, so I lost a few months of my work, then I...

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*tries to study Emergence of Bangladesh: Ancient Bengal* Matsyanyayam- When the law of punishment is kept in abeyance... okay what? *searches dictionary* oh! Ok. In abeyance, it gives rise to such disorders as is implied in the proverb of fishes i.e the larger fish swallows a small one- wait fishes eat each other!? Is that like... fishy cannibalism!?...Oh! It's 8:30! Time for dinner! *throws book on floor*
Babbaditch Finster and the Seven-Sided Cube has got to be one of my favorite classic games that didn't exist when I was kid, or ever
My tutorial about frankenspriting is now online :3 Any topic you would like to see next?
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