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  1. TrentL111

    Force Weapon to be Off-Hand only

    Hello everyone. I am using the Visustella Battle Core plugin. Is there any way to force certain weapons to be off-hand or main-hand weapons only while Dual Wielding, like having them unable to be equipped to the other?
  2. Dual Wielding

    I'm attempting to make a space RPG right now, and at the moment the most pressing question is dual wielding. Each character in your party has a primary weapon (A mortar, a shotgun, a rifle, etc. etc.) and a side arm (a knife, a pistol, etc etc.) How would I make it so they could dual wield? for...
  3. Need help with Dual Wielding

    In my game I want to be able to dual wield on the fly so I made the weapon dagger when equipped will switch his equipped type to dual wield. This created a problem because he can then equip a sword in the other hand but I only want other dual wield type weapons to be equipped. I want to know if...
  4. alcreator440

    Dual Wield: Show Off-Hand Weapon when attacking

    Is it possible to temporarily just show the swing/missile/thrust weapon animations of the actor's Off-Hand weapon instead of their Main-Hand weapon when dual wielding? I'm using Yanfly's Weapon Animations if this helps at all. Edit: I think the line below is what I need to use by I'm not sure...
  5. Tevi

    Quick question on Dual Wielding.

    I have a small, quick question. Is there a way to limit weapons to specific weapon slots of Dual Wielding? E.G. Weapon One = Swords only for that specific character and Weapon Two = Guns only for that specific character? I know I've been posting a lot recently, I'm just bad at using RPG Maker-
  6. Greyman972

    Disable Weapon Traits when using Dual Wield

    Disclaimer: This is my first post so if I've done something wrong or posted in the wrong section, I apologize in advance! I'm assigning unique skill types to each weapon type in my game (i.e. weapon skills). I'm using Unlock Skill Type in the weapons traits in order to pull this off. For...
  7. Condition Dual Wield

    Hi there, I am confused how to make condition which applies effect(DMG boost) only if character is dual wielding Example i would want to have: 1-Character has equipped 1 Sword = his basic attack + attack from weapon - THIS IS NORMAL STAT IN GAME 2- Character has equipped 2nd Sword into 2nd...
  8. LightDiviner

    Dual Wield Damage Reduction

    So, one thing RPG's do to make it so (in most cases) dual wielding isn't overpowered, is to fraction the damage each weapon does a bit, that way they don't basically do 2 full powered attacks, outshining most other characters. I wanna know if that is possible in RPG Maker 2003. I wouldn't wanna...
  9. Dirge

    Yanfly's skill reqs: custom show eval question

    Hi! I'm trying to set up a custom show eval to have a skill only appear if a particular item, say "Pistol", is equipped in the left hand. <Custom Show Eval> if ($game_actors[1].equips.include?($data_weapons[6]) false)) { visible = true; } else { visible = false; } </Custom Show Eval>...
  10. ramza

    Ramza's new and Improved Dual Wield Plugin -=UPDATED April 3 2019=-

    Announcement: This plugin, as well as my shield block plugin have been moved over to my itch.io page as paid plugins from this point on. Anyone who was previously using these plugins can continue to do so, but no further updates will be posted tho this thread. The most up to date version will...
  11. Dual Wield VE YEP compatibility patch

    Hi everyone, I spent the last week on google, looking for a good dual wield plugin. Yanfly doesn't have on, sadly. Victors is exactly what I'm looking for, seperate attack damage and animation, double grip, monkey grip, off hand damage, shields and everything just working fine. but sadly...
  12. Kes

    Change from single weapon to dual wield

    I have a character who, if a quest is completed, I would like to change from using a single weapon to being dual wield.  I really don't want to go down the route of using a concealed change of class unless I have absolutely no other choice, as it will add a number of significant difficulties to...
  13. Blair Pendragon

    Dual Wield 2handed weapon event

    MV, just like Ace, Has the issue where dual wielding allows for the use of larger 2 hand weapons to be in each hand. (Since Shield slot becomes a Weapon slot, instead of just being treated as Right and Left hands.) I used a "Semi" fix to the issue. I have a common event that constantly...
  14. Shiro1994

    Class with Two-handed Weapon & Dual Wield

    Hello! I would like to create a class which can use bows (two-handed weapon) and also daggers/swords/axes (one-handed weapons). The problem is, if I use the dual wield tag the character can also carry two bows. I want to prevent this.   The other issue: Swords & Axes are also used by...
  15. ramza

    Some assistance with animations

    Greetings once again. As some of you may recall I released a dual wielding plugin a couple of months ago that worked pretty well in splitting up damage from attacks based on individual weapon swings. I know next to nothing about javascript, as was mostly able to accomplish this by ctrl+f...
  16. Zevia

    Equipping the dual wield slot

    I'm unable to figure out how to equip something to a character's 2nd weapon slot via eventing or script calls. If you use the event command to equip a weapon twice, it will just keep swapping out the first weapon and never equip the second one. You can't select a weapon to equip in the shield...
  17. [SCRIPT HELP NEEDED] Pearl ABS Dual Wielding

    So, I'm using Falcao's PearlABS Liquid V3. It's awesome and I've invested a lot of time into editing and rearranging character sets for different attacks, etc. However, I came to testing my dual wielding classes. Using the first hand weapon is fine, animates and everything, but when i attempt...
  18. ramza

    Ramza's True Dual Wield -=Deprecated August 24 2017=-

    This plugin has been updated to a much newer, easier to use version. I completely advise against continuing to use the deprecated version contained in this topic. Please visit the topic for the new version here. The newest version fixes many bugs that this version had, but is no longer...
  19. brendonx

    YEP Equip Core Dual Wield Issues. Help Please!

    Hi all. I have a character that is set to a duel wield type and I am trying to use an event to change both weapons he is holding. When I have Yanfly's equip core plugin turned off it works fine but when It’s on my character only replaces the first weapon slot with the new weapon but the second...
  20. the default MV Dual wield bug - possible resolution

    //default codeGame_BattlerBase.prototype.canEquipWeapon = function(item) { return this.isEquipWtypeOk(item.wtypeId) && !this.isEquipTypeSealed(item.etypeId);};//proposed changeGame_BattlerBase.prototype.canEquipWeapon = function(item) { if this.isEquipTypeSealed(item.etypeId)...

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