dual wield

  1. SuperMasterSword

    Dual Weapon Restriction 1.0

    Dual Weapon Restriction 1.0 created by superMasterSword   Introduction   This is a simple plugin I made for my personal use but figured I'd share it since although there's a lot of plugins that give you various equipment restrictions on skills but I wasn't sure if there was one that specifically...
  2. kerbonklin

    Symphony Tags to IF condition check for dual_wield?

    So Battle Symphony tags support IF and UNLESS conditions within their tags (like for making weapon/skill animations) and i'm wondering how to work it for a dual_wield check condition? This way I can make weapon animations that have a dual-wield section that only runs if applicable for actors...
  3. I need a script for dual-wielding in RPG Maker XP?

    Thought I would get what I needed here : http://www.neoseeker.com/forums/22121/t844367-need-dual-wield-script/ but of course, the link the replier gave doesn't work.... :( Looking for mainly the two-handed weapons use an dual wield. I want it to be realistic. I don't want a sword in right hand...

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