dungeon crawler

  1. TimmyTheNerd

    Dungeon Crawlers <Working Title>

    HELLO! First time RPG Maker VX Ace user and...well...general RPG Maker newb. This thread will be where I'll share what's happening with my project as I work on it. Depending on how far I get, I may be more likely to buy the game when my trial expires in 27 days. So, let's begin...
  2. The Sacred Cave

    The Sacred Cave A game where you have to solve puzzles and find unique items if you want to proceed to the next area. Story This story has 3 parts so I'll explain each of them. This story is about a twelve year old boy named Kelvin. Kelvin lives in a poor town named Long Pond...
  3. Clareain_Christopher

    A Reason for Magic, SR 2.0 w/rtp

    A.R.F.M, Santoo Rinba: Demo 2.2.0 w/rtp http://rpgmaker.net/...downloads/4045/ Demo 2.2.0 no rtp http://rpgmaker.net/...downloads/4058/ Love to hear what you think about the project so far.
  4. flowerthief

    A Hint of a Tint

    A Hint of a Tint is a story-driven dungeon crawler in which the layout of the dungeon is uniquely generated which each new game, facilitating high replayability. In other words, a roguelike. But unlike your typical roguelike, this dungeon crawler, with a relatively easy-to-learn game system...
  5. Purple Face Games

    Quest For Humour

    Meet Timothy, A boy who longs to find the source of humour in a world where wit and laughter are absent. When Timothy finds out that there is a joyful thing out there called laughter he goes on a search to find the source of all things humour and looks to bring it to his town...
  6. Reynard Frost

    Ruins of Rydos [Demo Available!]

      A powerful earthquake within a range of mountains near the border of two nations has unearthed an ancient mystery. A tower emerges from the destruction, seemingly untouched as the earth around it crumbled. The Academy, a powerful organization of the Northlands, wishes to know its secrets. A...
  7. Thnap

    Dungeons and Tantrums

    Game Description - Dungeons and Tantrums is a fantasy RPG set in a nation rife with instability and conflict. Its central theme is the political intrigue that is present in such a bleak landscape, with several factions vying for control in a grand city torn apart by its ruler. The main emphasis...
  8. Knightmare

    Maze of the Lost - DEMO 2.0 Released 07/15/12

    The game is titled Maze of the Lost, its basically a Dungeon Crawler/JRPG hybrid. This is my first official project so I'm not going to make it all that complicated and will keep it rather simple as far as story and plot. I will probably use default RTP with a few additions, I'll be using a lot...

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