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    RMVXA Super Dungeon Master: Quest for the Firestaff

    SUPER DUNGEON MASTER: Quest for the Firestaff! v2.0 NOW RELEASED! A top-down remake of the 1987 FTL classic Dungeon Master., complete with all 24 original characters – and bonus areas! Lovingly remade in VXAce, featuring original artwork and a host of wonderful music, it can be breezed through...

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"Let us be absolutely clear about this: "
Miss posting updates of my projects here...miss having time to work on my projects
I'm not sure if it's okay or not, I update it often because I think it's not.
--- Dumped ---

Hero: Please go out with me!
F.Healer: (Silent In 10 Seconds) I refuse.
Hero: ???
F.Healer: I don't want my friendship with F.Mage is ruined because i'm in your side. so...i'm sorry. (Running)
Hero: (Glass Break SFX)
I really wish to have listened someone's advice regarding writing, because I'm a little stuck.

Guys, if you have a whole story in mind, and you strongly believe it's going to work, make the effort of writing it. Because if you get stuck in a scene, you might have to re-assess it.

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