1. Dungeon Evaluation & Rank

    Hello RM Community! I am interested in having a custom scene at the end of a dungeon/boss battle that evaluates you based on different elements within the dungeon and gives you a dungeon rank. I attached a screenshot of an MMO with the scene I'm thinking about. I was thinking it would...
  2. Skunk

    Help with puzzle design

    Hey guys, I have finally gotten to a point in my game where I have a solid half hour of gameplay leading up to a dungeon. I have mapped some of the dungeon so far but I am having a hard time coming up with ideas for puzzles. I have figured out the push and switch puzzles, and the slidy...
  3. lixerman99

    Dungeon Tiles Request

    Hi! I've yet to fully purchase RPG Maker MV but I've finished the demo and learnt a lot (I will definitely but it in the next few days) and I think we should have more dungeon tiles. We've got some, but not that many to make really cool dungeon ruins. I'm thinking The Elder Scrolls style - i...
  4. taarna23

    Predictable Random Dungeon Generation

    I'm looking for a random dungeon system that can generate predictable results - if given the same set of parameters, the same dungeon will result. I would prefer individual small rooms over a single large map, although I suspect the large map may be easier. In VX Ace I had used Neon Black's...
  5. HalcyonDaze

    Dungeon Tools?

    Am I the only one that thinks something like this would be a great addition to MV's plug-in catalog? There may already be something out that is capable of something similar if you rig it correctly, but something like Casper's Dungeon Tools script for Ace would make creating simple dungeon...
  6. [REQUEST] Random Dungeon Generator

    ---Intro--- To keep things simple, I want to have a plugin that will randomly generate a dungeon in lieu of mystery dungeon games, rogue, and the like. previous script example: http://www.rpgmakervxace.net/blog/121/entry-789-super-dungeon-demo-thing/#commentsStart other programming...
  7. RainbowGrenade

    Infinity Tower - DEMO Available!

    Update 4/8/16: The demo is FINALLY available! I've got the first ten levels of the dungeon available, as well as a few quests. Don't get too bored. The full release will have a couple more areas to explore for your hub town, and also 40 more floors to battle through. Also, look forward to...
  8. SocialToast

    Boulder Puzzle Reset

    Hey guys! So I'm back again with another question. The solution is probably pretty basic, but with so many things going on at once it's hard to figure one simple thing out. As you can see in the title, I've created a Boulder puzzle, and I have to say it's quite big. Still basic, but biiig...
  9. minefield puzzle with clues

    Ok. So in my dungeon I'm working on making a minefield like puzzle. The player walks around. If he presses a button will facing a tile he'll place something on it to flag it as having a bomb. If the player steps on a tile with a bomb the bomb goes off. If the player steps on a tile with a...
  10. Nicke

    The Mystery Mansion

      Embark upon a great mystery! Help the treasure hunter named Fendix Menair in his quest for unlimited glory. Rumours have been told about a haunted mansion in the dark forest which is said to have an ancient artifact hidden. A perfect opportunity for the young treasure hunter to investigate and...
  11. zrk03

    Generate dungeon not working

    So i tried using the dungeon generator and it brought of the flooring and wall section. But it had nothing to choose from it was all blank. Can someone help me. 
  12. RocketKnight

    Archadiem [New Alpha demo available]

        The plot is pretty cliché, it is a young man who decides to go searching for his girlfriend who disappeared under archaeological expedition.   The storyline is very weak, I know that but I will try rewarding gameplay.         I have to thank: Hime, Celianna, Lunarea, PK8, Raizen884...
  13. CheshireJelly

    Fire Dungeon ideas?

    Hey... me again :P This time I was wondering if anyone could help me brainstorm for ideas for puzzles to put in a fire dungeon. It's found in a volcano so you know lots of lava and stuff. I'm really stumped here. Also I'd like something that'd be somewhat easy for me to make/execute due to the...
  14. Jxkl5

    Map Generation

    Hi, How would I make a game where a random dungeon is generated after the player does something (such as touch an object)?  The new levels would all have to have specific game play objects ranging from gold to enemies, but placed in random locations. Is this even possible? I was thinking of...
  15. arekpowalan

    Simple Recolored (Minecarts and Switches)

    I, ughh... I'm back. After a long absence, I made it back because I got some motivation as I started an RM blog. So, I would like to share some resources I made recently. Minecarts Switches Import them via the maker's "Import" command. It should let you delete the backgrounds. They are...
  16. ApproximatelyCats

    Vx Ace Custom Menu help?

    Hello everyone! Currently I am trying to make a literal picture based menu for a pokemon game I am making. Basically an entire menu including Saving, items, skills, etc. The whole shebang XD. I know how to create a simple picture menu via eventing. I used to be pretty good at coding (Sadly it...
  17. Des


    Dungeons! Any RPG would be incomplete without them. The dungeons in your game are where the majority of the gameplay will take place—your dungeons are the meat of your game. You can expect your players to spend a lot of time—and a lot of thought—in your dungeons, so it’s important to make them...

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