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  1. chungsie

    RMVXA Elohan - by Chungsie

  2. Looking for monsters for a game like D&D

    Hello, I'm doing a D&D (5e) style game and I'm looking for a large amount of monsters. I'm trying to fill out a list of something akin to the d&d (5e) monsters manual. There are quite a few monsters in there so if i have to leave a few out it's not too big of a deal, but I'm looking for a pack...
  3. Questions about RMMV

    I want to create a game and I have a few questions. This game will be a MORPG (multiplayer online rpg, not a massive multiplayer online rpg) game that simulates the dinamics of the Dungeons & Dragons RPG Books. The main quest will be the main quest of the books. I want players with voice...
  4. Driftwood Gaming

    D&D Cursed Weapon Tutorial

    How's it going everyone, in this special request RPG Maker MV tutorial I'll show you how to easily create the cursed weapon or armor effect used in many games like Dungeons & Dragons. The idea is once you put on the cursed weapon or armor you are unable to remove it until the curse is lifted...
  5. Advanced Battle Math: Map Bonus, Dice Roll, Zodiac & More

    I just got into RMMV but I've been a JavaScript developer for some time and an RPG maker fan since 2000. When I found out they finally made the program use a language I was really proficient with, I immediately wanted to start working on plugins.  Here is a link to download the source code for...
  6. RhiKami

    Adventurer's Gateway

    No story or adventure is ever as great as one you get to create first hand. Tabletop RPGs have never been translated very well into digital format. The diversity in player decisions and paths leaves content so vast it just can overwhelm a developer. However, that's not something that'll stop me...
  7. Pine Towers

    Dungeons & Dragons Collection Thread [21MAR16]

    Disclaimer: DUNGEON & DRAGONS A RPG MAKER MV QUEST (Updated as of 21-Mar-2016) As a D&D player since the AD&D 2nd Edition, my dream is to make a D&D game and RPG Maker is the most suited tool for this taking in consideration my background (I use RPG Maker since the '95, and known little to...
  8. lithkast

    Dungeons and Dragons Damage Formula Feedback

    Keep in mind that in order for this formula to work, I have to use Bobstah's Custom Stats plugin.  It can be found here   x = Math.floor((Math.random() * 20) + 1); if (x >= a.luk) { Math.floor((Math.random() * a.def * a.agi) + a.atk * a.agi) + a.mat;} else if (x + a.mat + (a.str - 10) / 2 <=...
  9. Nixitro

    Script including new abilities?

    Hi! This is my first post and i start requesting  xD (good start nix, good start...). Well, im creating a game but (like all of us) and im searching for a RGSS3 that includes new skills similar to a d20 role character like open lock, concentration, hide, escape artist... I mean skills that can...
  10. Kyutaru

    Dungeons and Dragons Core Rules

    For the past month I've been fervently working on converting the standard Ace battle system into something more recognizable to D&D fans.  Tabletop grid movement is still a long ways away but for now the following has been implemented: - 5th edition d20 system including Advantage and...

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