1. Shiratsuyu

    RMMV Trials of Proelium

    Hello! Glad you decided to check out my project :kaoblush: I am a college student studying game design and media technology. I am working on this project during my spare time. I have been working on it for quite some time and the plan is to release it in December...
  2. atoms

    Dungeons. What are your dungeons like and how do you handle them?

    My previous thread was sepifically about random enounter rates in dungeons, but that was too general a topic to really comment on, so instead I'm now asking everyone to share what they do with dungeons and what they are like. Below are just some example of questions you can think about, you...
  3. ddblue

    Using Terrax plugin, can we turn the player radius light on or off depending on which map we're on?

    Hi guys! I've finally gotten to the dungeon-creation part of my project, and it looks like I'm going to go with Terrax Lighting! I see that there is a player radius setting that is on by default. The tutorials I have seen recommend turning it off, but I actually like it! I just don't want it...
  4. Anthony D

    DUNGEON : puzzles/events involving gnomes (need ideas)

    SETTING: A heavily forested mountain (think of a national park). It is Summer, and it has been raining abundantly for the past week or so, making the climbing very treacherous. OBJECTIVE: The player needs to make it to the summit with the help of 7 gnomes that inhabit said mountain. WHAT I'M...
  5. Lord Vectra

    Vectra's Roleplay Capital

    RolePlay Capital It is a server made for roleplays. There is another DnD that is ready-to-play but doesn't have an advertisement yet. Additionally, anyone who join the server may also create their own roleplay in my server if they would like to. Current most popular of the players is "Dungeons...
  6. Switch Puzzle Help Please!

    Someone please help. I only recently purchased VX Ace and am having a hard time with more difficult events. I wanted to create a puzzle room with four switches that would work kind of like in Skyrim. By moving one switch, it would move the others. The player would need to find the right pattern...
  7. HeroofTime123

    Ideas for interesting puzzles

    So I'm not sure if this is the right place to put this, but I was wondering if people had any good ideas for puzzles to use in dungeons. I'm thinking along the lines of Zelda-styled dungeons because that's what I know best. I really don't know of too many aside from the obvious...
  8. D&D 5e game mechanics.

    Hi guys, I'm completely new to rpgmaker and I'm looking at creating a game that uses the 5e mechanics in combat and out of combat. This is probably a huge undertaking I know, but it means I can create the sort of game I want but never see in the stores. If there is something I can download so...
  9. Kai Monkey

    Kai Monkey's Random Dungeons! -- Now with Version Two!

    KaiMonkey's Random Dungeons! Version 2 Intro Welcome to Kaimonkey's Random Dungeons. With this script you can have the game randomly produce floor after floor of unique environments for your player to explore. Forest, sewers, caves, mines and more can all be generated, and all options can be...
  10. Tathel

    After Ever After: An open world explorer I can't program myself

    Hi there, I'm new to the forums and also RPGVX ace. Because of this I have been having quite a lot of difficulty in creating my game, so I'm looking for someone with experience in creating the meat of the game. As of right now my game, After Ever After, is an rpg based 15 years after the fall of...
  11. Lunarea

    Dungeon Music Pack

    We've got a real treat for you today... A brand new AMAZING music pack created by our very own Scythuz! This fantastic pack features 25 themes that are perfect for any dungeon, cave and dangerous place. Click here for more info and some music samples. Member+, don't forget your discount...
  12. Step on a tile and a person appears where you can get hints

    So I have this huge dungeon. I want to do some puzzles in some of the rooms. Want I would like is if the player steps on a certain tile that one of the characters in the party will walk to a certain destination and stand there to give the player hints if they don't get the puzzle. But how do I...
  13. defunct-user

    Princess of Peril - CLOSED FOR OVERHAUL

    Pardon the dust! A new attraction is being imagined for your future enjoyment! I am sorry for any inconvenience.
  14. ShinGamix

    Design Theory Discussion: Dungeons

    Trying to decide how to design the actually dungeons in my project. Do I go all Link to the past style with a wide variety of "Rooms" Could go like Pokemon Mystery Team and a block area for levels or floors. I liked the way Neo Online was but I don't really know how to recreate that style in...
  15. omoney

    Dungeon Reuse System

    Dungeon Reuse System Dhobby Introduction This script allows you to use a pool of maps (the larger the pool the better) and have dungeons created randomly or be defined by you with a pseudo random element. Why would you want to use this instead of using the traditional transfer player to go...

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