1. NatuElChido

    Change a song at X seconds during a Battle

    Hello everyone, I'll be doing this quick, because I'm almost sure this has been asked before, but I haven't find a solution to this or at least, a thread that talks of this topic. You see, I want to skip the battle assigned song after 30 seconds has passed, because said song has a 30 seconds...
  2. AdamSakuru

    Disable 'Fast Forward' during movie files?

    User: AdamSakuru Bug: The fast forward feature (hold down 'space/accept' key during events) works even while videos are playing, which probably wasn't intended because it throws off the developers eventing sequence. How to Replicate the Bug: -Download the base demo -Speak to the NPC, don't...
  3. AdamSakuru

    Disable 'Fast Forward' during movies?

    A couple of days ago I discovered the 'fast forward' feature that would speed up the game/events if you held down the space-bar/'accept' key (even during move routes/etc. without messages) But there is a problem. If you play a movie file and set the appropriate wait time in frames, you can...
  4. DomTSVG

    Skill Change During Battle

    Hello everyone! I'm currently working on a project in which I want to implement a stored up skill system. Here's what I mean. In battle, a "skill gem" appears in the top left of the screen, with three fillable slots. This is meant to be separate from TP as each filed portion only represents...
  5. Character is unable to move during test play

    Recently I was working on my game and I must've pressed the wrong thing whilst in the tileset tab and now when I get to the second area my character is unable to move from his current position, all he can do is rotate. I really need to fix this urgently!!
  6. ApproximatelyCats

    Change battle background music during battle?

    Hello all! I am working on a game in VX, and I am trying to have it where in battle you are fighting the monster and when it's hp gets to a certain point the bgm changes. Any help here? I have tried making an event in troops but nothing happens

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